Lila: Preschool update

1/20/2012 02:46:00 PM
Smiling. Eating a cracker. All.was.good.
P.S. Friday is, "Where what you want to wear day" at Lila's school.

So today was supposed to the the, "Run and give Mommy a hug as soon as you see her and it will make her soooo happy" day at preschool.

I arrived at the gate to pick her up. She saw me. She did not walk toward me. Nope. She walked away from me. (Seriously???) However, she sat down NEAR the gate. (Not on the slide. Improvement? I'd say.)

Miss Luly (the preschool whisperer) talked to her. Walked her to the gate. Lila re-saw me, I asked Lila, "DO YOU HAVE MY HUG?!?!!"

She walked very, very,very slowly toward me (Hello, I'm Kylee. I'm your Mom. We've met before.) and said, "...yes... YES!" and threw her arms around me and we left the school WITHOUT TEARS.

We hugged about five more times while I carried her out.

It was a small success.


P.S. LOVE all the comments from the last post. You all are supportive and awesome.

We'll see how Monday goes.



  1. YAY!! I think that is a good start to the weekend, don't you think?!

    (Love that smile)

  2. YAY!!! Thank you so much for the update!!!


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