It's important to set attainable goals.

Blogs across the world are overflowing with New Year's resolutions. "I"ll eat better. I'll work out more. I'll save money. I'll spend time with my children. I'll be in the moment. I'll read more."

Not me.

What I really want to do is break 100 on amazon.

What does that mean?

As you'll see by looking at this handy graph that I did take the time to create in excel (because I'm that cool that much of a dork), I've recorded my total annual number of orders placed on since 2004.
Ky's Annual Amazon Orders

I'd like to thank amazon prime, the purchase of my kindle and the births of my daughters in 2009 and 2011, respectively, for inspiring me to purchase as frequently as I've done.

Still, I'm slightly disappointed.

Only 82 orders in 2011? Even though that averages out to 6.8 orders per month, I still feel I can do better.

See friends, I like to make resolutions that I can attain. Why set myself up for failure? Nope, I'm going to capitalize on an existing skill and sharpen it. Hone it, if you will. (I will.)

I'll keep you posted.

Let's go team.


**Disclaimer: Nope, I did not receive any compensation from amazon for this post. This is all me.



  1. There is no other way to respond to this post except to say ...I love you.

    You make me smile.

    Good luck with this...the excel sheet? Love it!

  2. not only do i support your goal, but from time to time i may send some amazon find suggestions your way! it's the least i can do to help out!

  3. Many of those must have been books, right? And things you would by at Target if you had access to one?

    I believe in you. 100 in 2012!

  4. You're funny! I love this goal! tee hee

  5. Thank you for the smile... really needed it today!

    And only the coolest of us use excel for everything. I am the hugest excel dork ever. Most recent accomplishment... creating an excel sheet for my Christmas cookie baking list. I have one sheet that lists every ingredient needed by recipe and one list that takes into account what I already have and then totals into a shopping list. Top that :)

    I need to learn more about this amazon prime thingy...

  6. I am always cross-checking amazon with other websites/prices. Love the free shipping! You are the queen, tho! great goal!

  7. You can do it! I had 157 orders in 2011 and I don't even live in Mexico :)

    Between Prime and Subscribe and Save, I rarely buy things anywhere else (especially since sales tax is a lovely 10% in Chicago)

    And being another Excel dork - loved the chart, may have to make my own

  8. Does being in Mexico have a lot to do with all this Amazon ordering? Let us know how you are doing with your goal mid-July.

    I think I need an excel lesson.

  9. I fully support this resolution and wish you the BEST of luck!!

    And think how much money you have SAVED with that prime shipping. Um, it is like you are saving money BY shopping.

    (I adore Amazon)


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