I have no issues with it.

1/12/2012 05:08:00 AM
In response to this article: "Should Sesame Street Teach Children about Breastfeeding?"

Yes. It's fine with me. Show a mommy nursing a baby. Show a mommy feeding a baby with a bottle. Show a Daddy feeling a baby with a bottle. It's all fine with me. Just show it and talk about it.

There's a lot of learning in a 60-second clip.

Big Bird's last comment, "That's nice..." is about the cutest thing I've ever heard.



  1. this is one of my favorite clips. so sweet.

    (and the arguments about this are just silly.)

  2. I think it's so silly that anyone would have an issue with it!

  3. That was a really sweet clip! I think the way it was talked about here was really good.

    (P.S. It upsets me that just because adults may be uncomfortable with some things, it doesn't mean children need to feel that way or shouldn't be exposed to them in the proper way.)


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