Happy 1st birthday, Vivienne Kate

Dear Vivienne,

I've been thinking about this blog post for a while now. I knew I had to write it, but I didn't want to. Not because I don't like writing about you, sweet, precious girl... oh no, it's just the opposite. If I write this love letter, then it surely means that you're growing up and that soon you'll soon be a toddler, a girl, a tween, then a TEEN, then off to college... and oh Holy Toledo, it's more than I can bear.

You see, sweet Vivienne -- you are amazing.

You are my little sweet pea

You are a baby above all babies. (It's true.) Your babyhood has just been so easy and so enjoyable and just so fun and smile-inducing.

You came into this world on January 24, 2011 at 12:46 p.m. and when I saw you...

...oh, when I saw you...

During those first 24 hours I just kept trying to place you. To figure out just who you looked like. "Whose eyes are those? How about that nose? Look at her fingers, now whose fingers are those?"

Here's what I found out very early on: you are nothing like anyone else.

You, my sweet Vivi-cakes are your own person. Your own baby. And even though before you were born I was a Mommy to your older sister, that experience is nothing like our experience and you are nothing like your sister and she is nothing like you.

Sweet Vivienne.

You are perfectly you.

Let's talk about those first few months.

Your entrance into our lives was seamless. What's that? You weren't always here? Here's why it was so smooth: because you... this... it was all meant to happen when it happened.

You moved in. You took up residence in our space and in our hearts. Lila was thrilled to have you. Never, not once did Lila have an issue with your presence. I think it's because she knew what your Dad and I knew: that you were cool.

Maybe it was because parents are naturally a little more laid-back the second time, but sweet Vivienne, you have been easy. You immediately showed us that you were different by preferring the opposite of everything your older sister liked. You were a belly sleeper. You liked cuddling. You hated accessories... except stickers...

 You are perfectly you.

Let's talk about your personality. At this point in your life, you're calm and collected. You're an observer. You have distinctive preferences: you love this little plastic fake bottle of perfume that came with your sister's-stuffed-animal-cat-carrier-thing and you carry it everywhere (totally random), you love TV remotes and cell phones, you adore blueberries, you despise having your diaper changed, you love attempting to eat Ferg's food, you crawl outside through our patio doors on a regular basis in an attempt to escape, you love to swing, Lila must constantly be in your view and you love books.

Upside-down books.

You're also my partner. You really like me and I really like you. (I'll remind you of this when you're 13.) You cry when I leave the room... but in all honestly, shhhhhh..... don't tell anyone -- I love it.

Sweet Vivienne, when you were a newborn in the hospital, I would hold your head to my face and shush you and sigh out loud; a sigh of pure contentment. I continued to do that each time I've held you. Then, sweet baby... you started sighing back. I'd hold you, or your Daddy would hold you and you'd gently rest your head on us and sigh. You still snuggle into us on a daily basis. You snuggle with your baby dolls, too. We hand them to you and you hold them, rest your head on them and sigh and pat their backs.

You are a snuggle muffin.

You are perfectly you.

You weigh 18 lbs and are about 26.5 inches tall. You have four teeth (two on the top, two on the bottom) and you're absolutely walking. You clap. You smile. You say Mama, Dada, and Lila. You laugh and laugh all the time. You have brown hair and brown-ish eyes. You love Ferg's kisses and like to play with her. You're neat; you like to put toys and other items away again and again. You climb, oh boy do you climb. You're always climbing on something. And you're quite the dancer. You shake it on a regular basis.

Oh, Vivi... you are perfectly you.

Sweet Vivienne, I wish for you so many things. But most of all, I hope and wish and dream and pray that one day, you will hold your sweet baby in your arms and that you're filled to the brim with love for your baby in the same way that I am for you.

I am so pleased that I am your Mommy. And for forever, sweet girl, you will always be my baby.

My sweet Vivienne Kate, happy birthday.

I am so happy you were born.

your mommy

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  1. Love. Tear.

    She does seem like the sweetest little thing. And she has the most delicate features. She's a total doll. You guys make some awesome babies!

    Happy Birthday, dear Vivienne!

  2. Oh my goodness, *tears*

    I loved reading every word of this. She does look like the sweetest little girl and the perfect fit for your family. She is just beyond precious. Love her.

    Happy Birthday, Vivienne!!

    (And happy first year with Vivi to you & C....you are such amazing parents.)

  3. Happy birthday Vivienne! I can completely relate to how hard that must have been to write... but it was amazing. Made me cry over my oatmeal :)

    Congratulations on a beautiful little baby becoming a beautiful little girl!

  4. Ohhhh...happy birthday, sweet baby Vivi! I cannot believe it's been a year already since we learned your lovely name. :)

    LOVED every.single.part of this post -- especially the pictures of mama and baby. Just BEAU-tiful. Tears! What a precious baby and a wonderful mama. :)

  5. tears of happiness!

    happy birthday, sweet Viv. you are loved and treasured. love, Auntie M

  6. all I can do right now is smile.

  7. happy birthday Vivi! Ky, your love for her and her special personality shines through in everything you do for her. special indeed.

  8. What an adorable little peanut!! Love the photos of you together. Esp the birth one. Tear.

  9. Happy Birthday sweet Vivi! Adorable photos!

  10. Oh Kylee...what wonderful memories you are keepsaking for your beautiful girls!!! Happy first birthday sweet little Vivienne!

  11. what a beautiful post for a beautiful little girl. and you're right... she will read this someday. it's WAY better than a scrapbook. :) happy birthday, dear vivi!!

  12. Happy birthday sweet Vivi... I wish for you that one day you feel the same happiness your mommy feels right now celebrating YOU.

  13. Now I'm crying.

    Oh, sweet Vivienne. . . Happy Birthday.

    All your mom's words are beautiful, but my favorite are these. . ."You are perfectly you."

    Vivi, may you always be content and proud to be perfectly you.

    My favorite photo? The one of mommy kissing your cheeks. So, incredibly beautiful. Both of you are so very blessed to have each other.

  14. Did you get through this without crying? Because I didn't. And is that real grass in Cabo?
    Wonderful pics. I love the stickers. She is one beautiful and special lady. But you already know that.

  15. A year in photos. The first year. Gorgeous.

    Happy birthday Vivienne Kate! We love seeing your progress and your sweet baby face.

  16. I can't believe it's been a year!! It's been so great getting to "know" your kiddos through your blog. V's smile makes my heart smile!

  17. sweet, sweet girl. she is just too much. Happy Birthday Vivi!

  18. I ADORE YOU! I adore your family... Happy ONE to little miss Vivi!


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