1/11/2012 05:09:00 AM
I want this dress. From

I buy jewelry from Forever 21, then I wonder why a necklace breaks every time I put it over my head. Someone needs to mature and move on to other stores.

My first inclination when I wake up is to bemoan that I must start my day. I've been trying to instead wake up and say, "Thanks for today, God." This has been much easier since Vivi and Lila have been sleeping well and C. and I have been getting 7.5 hours of CONSECUTIVE SLEEP at night because the truth is when I was getting 5 hours of interrupted sleep I wasn't very thankful at all. I mean, who would be?

"Beats me," doesn't quite translate from English to Spanish. Neither have I ever heard a Mexican say, "Mi casa es su casa." (These are the types of things I think about.)

I receive more email in my inbox from clothing stores and shopping websites than I do from actual people. Time to catch up with some old friends. But don't get me wrong, I do like to hear about new TOMS.

I overindulged in white wine approximately 2 months ago and I still can't stand the smell of it.

I haven't been taking a whole lot of photos lately and all these recent posts/tweets of the January "photo of the days" keep making me feel like a slacker.

I'm a little burned out on twitter. And facebook. But I do be lovin' my blog. I need to think of some new fun posts.

I love my husband. He is handsome. But that's not the only reason I love him.

In 2012 I will not be giving up coca-cola because I'm not there yet. You can't change if you're not ready to change.

Lila has recently learned how to pucker when she kisses. She hasn't, however, mastered saying the word, "pucker." I'm going to go ahead and let you figure out what it sounds like when she says it. Hint: It sounds like "pucker"... with an "f" on it...



  1. I get more emails from shopping sites too! I like your confessions. They are cute!

  2. I don't know why, but the fact that you've contemplated that you've never heard anyone in Mexico say "Mi casa es su casa" made me giggle for five minutes and also miss you terribly.

    You are cute.

  3. my dear 2 yo nephew cannot say the letter L very well.

    when he carries around his Flicker light (from Handy Manny) we are simultaneously laughing until we cry and feeling guilty that we are so childish about egging him on to "say" curse words!!

    it's the small things....

  4. Express always use to have sturdy jewelry. Maybe give them a try? I got mad every time my Gadzooks necklaces would break, like, really?? You're shocked?

    Accidental swear words out of kids make me laugh every time. I'll never outgrow it.

    I like that whole outfit in the picture.

  5. Is V teething? You should check out if she is- I just bought 2 of their necklaces but I really wanted to buy 4 or 5. Just sayin'.


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