Am I the only one? [TAKE THE POLL]

That's Craig and I.
Ok, no it's not.

Let's talk about massages.

Prior to yesterday, I had never completely disrobed for a massage. No. Absolutely not. No matter what I kept my unders on. (I refuse to use the word panties.)

Why? Well because I felt more in control that way. I don't need a stranger touching my butt.

Massages are so phenomenal, but the truth of the matter is that when I'm in the act of being rubbed down by a stranger whom one I'm paying to touch me, the precise location of the massage therapist's hands completely alludes me.

Apparently when my eyes are closed I can't tell if my thigh or my butt is being massaged. (Am I alone here?)

So, anywho I decided I was a big girl. I was at a spa that I've been to countless times, with a massage therapist that I've gone to before... so I was massaged au' naturel.


She totally massaged what I think was my butt-zone. Ok. It was.

And I liked it.

Consider me sold on naked massages.

P.S. I was just reading this post out loud to my husband. And I get to the part where I said I hadn't had a naked massage before, and he was all, "You haven't?" I'm literally the LAST person on the planet to have had a naked massage. Or am I?

How do you prefer your massages?
With unders on.
I don't do massages.
I've never had a massage.

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  1. Lol, naked massages are awesome. I was super hesitant the first time, but the back issues I was having were being caused by a muscle that connects somewhere in the buttocks area, and when the maseuse really worked in it - OMG, heaven!

  2. I always keep my underwear on! I just feel sooo awkward. Maybe you've convinced me... haha!

  3. I feel way too awkward not having my underwear on and always keep them on. However, I could see how that would feel great.

    When I was pregnant my hips were killing me so when I went to get my pregnancy massage I asked her to rub my hips and she actually massage my hips AND butt and it felt AWESOME.

  4. Always naked! Man could I use a massage. I love them but would rather spend the money on clothes. ;-)

  5. i totally understand it's a hard threshold to cross -- didn't our parents basically teach us to keep our underwear on in nearly ALL circumstances? (clearly, it took me a while to make the leap, too.) but it's definitely worth it. sometimes it's surprising how much tension the ol' sciatic area & buttocks can hold!! :)

  6. Not sure if you have thought of this, but...what's to stop your masseuse from massaging your butt with your underwear on? I feel WAY too weird having my hooha in the breeze (ew), so I leave my underwear on, but my massage therapist always rubs my butt (heh) and hips. She just does it through a sheet, over the unders. And it's still effective. :)

    Definitely a proponent of naked-from-the-waist-up massages, though.

  7. First massage, last Friday and I left the unders on. And like WP said - my therapist massaged my butt, over the sheet. So I don't think underwear would matter, really. But yeah. Underpants. Always wear clean underpants! At least that's what my mom taught me.

  8. I always leave my unders on because I'm a prude and also because of a particular incident:

    I went to get a massage. Therapist specifically told me to leave unders on. I had forgotten that that day I had on only Spanx, no unders. So I felt like I looked like a creep who was all "No thanks! I'm getting nude for YOU even though you don't want me to!"

  9. I think it's funny that you said "unders."

    My aunt is a massage therapist and she always made me feel comfortable so I'm ok being nekkid in her place of business.

    Another person? I'm not sure.


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