2012 SAG Awards Fashion Recap

I like the SAG awards based solely on the fact that the fashion is a bit more laid back. It isn't as stuffy as the Osars and elaborate gowns aren't necessary. Love it.

Let's begin, shall we?

We'll start with the ladies of Glee.

Naya Rivera looked lovely. This is such an improvement. A bit too much up-top for my taste, but seriously? It looks far better than her standard.

Lest you think I'm being mean to Amber Riley, I'd like to confirm that in 99% of all circumstances  bows are dreadfully wrong. This is no exception.

Terribly big bow. TERRIBLE.

GASP! Jane Lynch looks lovely! The only questionable aspect of this gown would be the semi-baggy up-top. Perhaps it's just the angle?

Great color on her, though.

I feel that Jayma Mays was just a bit too fancy for the evening. However she looked nice. I love the neckline and the cap sleeves. Super cute.

I love this dress on Dianna Agron. This is truly such an improvement from awards shows of yore. Look at that guy in the background, he's squealing with delight that she's finally chosen a dress that looks good.

Awesome. Love.

Take note: this is a braid I can get behind.

Sadly, I just can't be as overwhelmingly thrilled with Heather Morris' dress. She seriously looks like she borrowed a dress from a Van Halen groupie, added some chiffon to the bottom and rolled on in to the SAG red carpet all like, "Heeeyyyyyyy."

And her hair? And earrings? I die. And not in a good way.

Are those silver shoes?

Let's talk a bit more about the other black dresses.

I don't like this. Ashlee Simpson seems nice and all, but I don't like this dress.

It just looks... old. I know, I get it, flapper-esque, blah, blah, blah -- but this seriously belongs on Sophia Loren. Not her.

This is a pageant dress. Maria Menounous is beautiful. She has a great body. But this whole thing just looks so contrived. It looks great, sure... but ehhhhhhh.

I vote this dress, "Blech."

I love this look. I'm far too lazy sleepy to look up this actor's name, but I do feel that her hair is fun. I mean, if you're going to go, go BIG.

Not to fear sweet friends of mine, I won't be voting Angelina Jolie best dressed this week.

Nope, it just so happens that I don't care for metallic-looking, cheapy, boring-looking drape-y fabric gowns. 

She's seriously worn this style of dress about a thousand time before. Yawn.


(Hee hee. That statement made me laugh.)

Tina Fey, what's that? TWO AWARDS SHOWS IN A ROW you look pretty darn good? Sure, she's back to her ole' standby color, but she looks great. 

We'll work on the hair later, sweet Tina.
Let's talk about the neutrals, shall we?

Oh, you know I love Tilda Swinton. I enjoy this dress... until we get to the feet. The gown should be longer. I don't want to see her shoes.

And can we talk about Tilda's lack of coloring? It's amazing.

Shailene Woodley was born in 1991.

I can forgive her dress choice.

I feel that Julianne Marguiles is a lovely woman and the dress was great. I'm so glad she opted to go sans necklace. Love the color. Love the hair. Nice.

Kelly Osbourne looked great. Best ever. It's so fabulous to see her looking so great these days. She's really come into her own and I quite like her.

Well done, Kelly.

Octavia Spencer looks FANTASTIC. Gorgeous. Love it. I especially loved her hair.

Viola Davis looked gorgeous. I'm not an overwhelmingly staunch fan of sweeping grecian looks, but seriously - this woman is stunning. The gown is lovely. Just lovely.

This was nearly on my worst-dressed list. I cannot ABIDE that Kristen Wiig is also wearing a choker with that halter-style top. Horrendous.


I hate it.

Yep. I'm going to complain again. Sarah Hyland from Modern Family is wearing a dress that belongs on an older woman.

And her hair looks looks atrocious, seriously it's 1997 Homecoming hair. For sure.

I strongly feel that Julie Bowen looked amazing. I loved this color, loved this cut. It's perfection.

Oh Giuliana, Oh Giuliana. OH GIULIANA.


So if the question were posed, "Kylee, would you wear this dress?" I would quickly reply, "No."

But I don't think we can deny that Kyra Sedgwick looks prettttty amazing.

It's TOO EASY. Sofia Veragara looks like she always does: hot. No shocker here.

Some things in life are just too easy.

Yes, of course. She looks amazing.

Jenna Fischer looks terrible. This dress is matronly and old and awful. I know and respect that she had a baby 4 months ago but those sleeves are HORRENDOUS.

(It took everything I had not to rope her into my, "Worst Dressed" list.)

Jessica Chastain from The Help looks like Jessica Rabbit. For sure.

I don't like bra-top dresses, but she's gorgeous.

Ellie Kemper is a doll but this dress was absolutely not flattering.

And the blue matchy-matchy eye shadow was painful.

Diane Lane is sporting a pony tail.

Nope. I can't support that.

Emily Blunt looked amazing in this color. I loved it. The balled-up handkerchief on her shoulder didn't even really bother me, either.

AND, now on to my favorites.

I love Zoe Saldana's ensemble. The white tank top underneath is phenomenal. It's just fancy enough and casual enough for me. I love it. Especially on her skin tone.

Emma Stone is ADORABLE. I'm not a tea-length fan, but she pulled it off.

And this is how you should wear a black dress. Different. Fun.

I covet Michelle Williams' hair.

And this dress, specifically this neckline, is lovely. It's perfect. And pixie-like. And cute. And I love the lace.


And, now on to my worst dressed:

Kaley Cuoco. Do I know her? No. Do I know that she looks goofy? Yes.

It's just too much. It's a wedding dress. And I hate the braid. If you're going for Bo-ho bride, why wear a matchy-matchy hand bag?

Just not a fan.

Meryl Streep is INCREDIBLE. But this whole thing is confusing. That belt. That bag. Those shoes. The long sleeves. Did she wrap a sheer drape around her?

I beg your pardon, Queen Meryl. But this is weird.

Another braid. She was doomed from the get. Busy Phillips, this is bad.

I believe this is what Jenny wore in Forrest Gump during the 60's scenes.

Just can't quite stand behind this one.

More external boning. This is seriously not age-appropriate. I hate this. Glenn Close looks awful. Too much chiffon on her arms. It's too tight. Too large of a mermaid tail. It's just too much.

And now for my worst dressed:

Lea Michelle from Glee.


That slit is ridiculous.

And she really takes herself far too seriously.

I also think she THINKS she's far taller than what she really is. Every dress she wears seems to puddle far more than it should. And she just tries to looks far more vamp-y than what I presume she is.

I just can't stand it.

Two arms full of braclets? That much leg? Rhinestone bag. Too-big shoes?


And now, for my best dressed.

It's quite simple really.

My best dressed is Rose Byrne.

I loved this pantsuit. LOVED it.

She pulled it off. She looks adorable. Her bangs are cute. I just loved that it was different. That same fabric in a gown would have been suicide.

Good for her for taking a risk that worked.

Tell me your thoughts!



  1. I totally agree with all your comments!! I don't care for that chic from Glee that thinks she's hot stuff.

    Guilana's dress was OK I just think she over accessorized it and her hair extensions are so lame. They need to go.

  2. Angelina looks like she's wearing a trash bag.

    That is all.


  3. I loved Zoe Saldana and Rose Byrne. Both fabulous and different. The rest? Meh.

    Lea Michele is insufferable.

  4. Ok, can I first say I do not know who half of these people are! Where have I been, why don't I know these people?!

    I love that Jane Lynch's dress had pockets. I think if I wore a gown somewhere, like the store or to the movies, I would want it to have pockets.

    How did Maria Menounous sit down, or did she just stand all night?

    Tina Fey's dress looked a little low...I think she needed straps.

    Viola Davis - um, hello girls!! Her boobies were out there, no?! Major cleavage.

    Poor Jenna Fischer. I think we should blame new mom brain for that one.

    Emily Blunt = GORGEOUS.

    Lea Michelle = HORRIBLE.

  5. Meryl looked like a Jedi..all she needed was a lightsaber. :)

  6. I started playing a game with this post. I look at the picture and decide if you would like it or not. HA! Sometimes you surprise me. It's a fun game.

    That slit! Made me laugh out loud.

    Emma Stone rocks and I want to be her friend.


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