Vivienne Viernes (a day late): 10 months

 **I apologize for the lack of Vivienne updates. To be honest with you, we've had a couple of months of illness... illness doesn't make for good photos... We're starting to get back on track now, though. I think...

So, Vivienne Kate? She's great? Can't you tell?

You guys, my friends, Vivienne is the sweetest. She's calm and relaxed, when she's not screaming and laughing. Does that make sense? She's chill and serene, unless something pushes her over the edge.

She's a watcher.

And a climber.

And perhaps a tattle-tale. (Lila would attest to this.)

She's a cuddler.

And a sweet, sweet soul... who always snuggles pillows, blankets and people.

She's a mover and a shaker.

And she induces smiling constantly.

At this point, she's crawling up a storm and has just a wee bit of interest in walking.

Her primary interest lies in remote controls of all types and cell phones. (She's my baby.)

However, she does like to read, too.

She adores squash and loves to put any and all food/objects up to her ear as if she was talking on the phone. (One of Lila's favorite things to say is, "Hello? I'm Diddy's cracker," whenever Vivienne is holding her cracker up to her ear. Then Lila ROARS with laughter and Vivienne joins in.)

We're watching this sister relationship develop... and I LOVE IT.

They laugh. And giggle. And hold hands. And hug.

These two love one another. Vivienne adores Lila and literally MUST be able to have her eyes on her at all times. Lila is just as smitten.

Here are a few more of my favorite recent pictures of my sweet 10-month-old baby.

Just poppin' up.


...and my favorite.

THIS is Lila's chair.

This is Vivienne's FAVORITE thing to play with/on. She just sits in it. Like a 65-year-old man would a recliner.

It's awesome.

Have a great weekend, ya'll.




  1. OK, the picture with her in the Santa hat by Ferg? She totally reminds me of you. Other than that, it's adorable how much she looks like Craig.

  2. the cuteness is in abundance in this post. i will attest to The VIv making you smile until your cheeks can't take it anymore. The two bottom teeth are ridiculously awesome.

  3. Oh,Ky. She is just so beautiful! I just love the pic with the really wide smile. She looks. . . just so happy. I adore the relationship she is developing with Lila, too. What fun you will have as the years move forward.

    Such a beautiful family.

  4. absolutely adorable. All of the photos. I especially love her on her fake cell phone. My daughter does the same thing and turns every object into a pretend phone. adorable.

  5. She is just TOO stink'n cute!! And that smile, it just kills me :)

    (I can't believe she is 10 months already. Really?!)


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