Cars, work stress & hair

12/19/2011 10:40:00 PM
  • My Jeep (Lola) reached 30k miles today. It's six years old. Clearly I don't take a lot of road trips. I don't want to drive into the ocean. Nor do I want to drive 1000 miles to San Diego.
  • Sometimes I feel like my job gets the best of me and my family gets what's left. I hate that.
  • Speaking of work, I hate it when people respond to my emails within 2 minutes of me sending them. GIVE.ME.A.MINUTE. I want the ball to be in your court for at least 60 minutes.
  • I want to do an ombre look to my hair. Appointment on Friday. This is what I want. Less blonde, though. Mama needs a change. Thoughts?



  1. 30k miles...that is awesome!

    I hate when people respond to emails right away, especially when they ask you or it requires you to do something...of course the opposite is when you HAVE to do something and the person never responds.

    I think this is a really cute I am showing my roots on purpose but it looks good! :) I prefer the darker look (less blonde)...think Jessica Biel. I say go for it! Then show us how it turns out. (I hear ya on needing a change.)

  2. you don't need a hair appointment for the ombre effect. the cheap version is called "growing your roots out". I swear the ombre craze is the hairstylists' ploy to get people to pay for something that lazy people like myself generate for free over 6 months of not getting my highlights updated :)

  3. i have the opposite situation at work with emails: if i don't respond within 2 minutes, i am generally categorized as being slow in the "snap of the fingers" world of those that i work with! i HATE it. so i have trained myself to respond as quickly as possible. again, i hate it.

    as far as the ombre look - i like it, just a bit less heavy on the blonde is my vote.

  4. I'm with Trophy Life. If people aren't sitting there dying with anticipation for my email to come THEN IMMEDIATELY respond, I'm devastated.

    My van is an '06 and I've yet to hit 30,000. Call me granny.

    I LOVE THE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ombre effect - I learned something new. I just kept reading it as Hombre Effect - like EL HOMBRE from Pee Wee's playhouse.

    It looks good. You will rock it.

    People treat email like instant messenger. READ it. RESPOND. Keep calm and carry on. Email etiquette in each work place is different, but a response within the day is perfectly approriate.

  6. I think the ombre look is genius. So when the roots start growing, it doesnt look like you need a color so soon.


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