Product Review

I'm still a faithful bare minerals user, however I'm a fan of Laura Mercier products, too. I already write about their tinted moisturizer here... but I must confess my appreciation for this, too.

It's Laura Mercier secret camouflage. (I use SC-3).

It's supposed to be great at hiding dark circles and "minor imperfections" and for the past 10 months or so I've had dark circles consistently. (Thanks Lila and Vivi!)

Enter this stuff.

I like it. It goes on smoothly and you just need a bit. I use it under my eyes, but you could use it all of your face, for sure.

No one's told me I look exceptionally exhausted so I think it's doing its job.

$28 on Sephora.


**Nope, compensated for this endorsement.



  1. Thank you! I'm addicted to the Makeup Forever High Definition Foundation. I think it works miracles!

  2. What kind of applicator do you use (brush)? Just wondering the best method for this stuff. I also use bare minerals.

  3. Rachel - I just use my fingers for application.


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