Ombre, ombre, ombre.

12/28/2011 05:10:00 AM
So, remember last week when I said I needed a change? I mentioned that I was contemplating the "ombre" look. (See post here.)

I felt that my cousin's comment to the post was incredible accurate. She felt that the whole ombre craze was really a ploy created by hairstylists across the globe since we all know colored hair will eventually boast the "ombre" look if it's not touched up.

Good point, cousin. Excellent point for those of us who don't have grey hair.

Because kids, if I grew my hair out for six months and didn't color it, my Stacey London streak would be screamin'. And grey is fine for you. It's not fine for me.

So, I changed the hair a bit.

No time for a professional photoshoot. Nope. The photobooth on my computer will have to do. Gritty and real, yo. Gritty and real.

Here's the before. Long. Brown.

(Please note my incredible golden-Cabo tan. Tee hee. I shun the sun.)

Now, for the after:

The ratty back. (Remember, I don't do the back of my hair usually. Why? Because I can't see it.)

And that's me. It's not blonde. It's copper-y.

There's the roots that I paid for. Note, the GREY is covered. YAY!

Also note: I didn't do my hair this morning (Remember? You saw the back of my head.) I just had it in a bun last night. So if I did my hair, I'm assuming the results may be better. Maybe.

And there you have it, the paid-for ombre look.



  1. i.

    muaaahhhhh!!! fabulous!!!!

  2. I love it! Your hair is so pretty.

  3. Love. Love. Love. It looks FANTASTIC!! :)

  4. you are too cute. also, i miss you. also, your photo by the tree from christmas morning was hot. also, robots.

  5. You are cute. :) I love this photo spread. And, it made me miss you even more than I did already.

    Is it wrong that I love both the before AND the after?

    Well, I do. So there. Gorgeous!

  6. You look MARVELOUS!!


    Love the hair!

  7. LOVE the new hair color!! (seriously, your hair is gorgeous.)

    I also love your mini photo shoot...I miss you :)

  8. Fab! Fab! Fab!

    It looks awesome! Your "messy" hair rocks!

    Love it


  9. Looks amazing Ky!

    You are right, only Stacey could rock the Skunk Streak.

  10. and people ask where lila gets her cute facial expressions... :D


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