Lila's first Christmas Program

12/15/2011 05:08:00 AM
Lila's first Christmas program was yesterday.

She wasn't pumped.

We were somewhat concerned because it was in the middle of her normal nap time and we had to wake her up to attend. (Eek. Waking up Lila is never good.) Let's just say, she was not in the mood.

I love this kid.
 Thankfully, her cousins Bella and Brody attend the same school and they were in the Christmas program, as well. So they attempted to perk her up.

I love that the three of them were holding hands.

Look at how well that went over.

How gorgeous is Bella?

Still, the cousins were precious. They're cute, no?

Brody is almost 2, Bella is almost 4 and Lila is 2.5.

So about the Christmas Program:

It was in an outdoor palapa at the park near Puerto Los Cabos. Perfect venue, if you ask me.

This is happy Lila and sweet Brody getting lined up before their performance with their WONDERFUL teacher, Miss Luly. (She's p.h.e.n.o.m.e.n.a.l.)

Note: Lila is still pumped.

I thought she'd lose it. Cry, something... but she was emotionLESS. She just went with the flow.

Then came the actual performance. (Lining up.)

The kids were lined up behind a choo-choo-train. They sang and shook maracas. I'm not even sure what the song was since so many of them were crying.

Then it was over.

How was it? It was phenomenal. Lila's quite a performer.

Ok, so she just sat there and didn't sing. She didn't have to sing because she had such innate stage presence that singing would have just knocked people out of their chairs.

She was cute.

And of course, after the program she perked up.

Then it was time for the balloon release. (No, we probably shouldn't talk about the ecological repercussions of a balloon release in the year 2011 on a peninsula surrounded be sea creatures who could eat, choke and die on balloon release remnants. We'll chat about that another time.)

Here's Lila with her balloon. (Or as she calls it, her "baloom." Craig says to ignore his hair. His stylist is out of town and he has a haircut scheduled next week.)

Then everyone released the balloons...

...everyone except Lila.

Let's just say that after a bit of contemplation, Lila adamantly decided that there was no way that she was willing to release her balloon. EVER. So don't ask her.

(It was so sad. Her little chin trembled and she was literally like, "No. Please don't make me.")

Who can blame her?

So, she kept the balloon and it's at home in her bedroom.


Truth? I had such a great time.  

This is what it's all about.

Feliz Navidad.

P.S. How great is this photo that my brother took of my nephew, Brody?

If you want to see the rest of the photos, click on my "i take pictures" button on the top right-hand corner. Or, click here.



  1. Oh, cute, cute, cute! I love her bow tie. We just had our first Christmas program too. So fun.

  2. This might be one of my favorite posts ever. I adore those bow ties. And the sunglasses. And the look on Lila's face. And just this overall event.

    And I love that Craig was worried about his hair.

    Awesome all over.

  3. ohmygosh. this post was awesome. i LOVE that your girl wears her emotions on her sleeves (apple not fall from the tree, eh?). i did ignore C's hair and i love her skinny jeans. the pictures of the cousins together are priceless.

  4. I heart the glasses. Lily always wears hers the same way - upside down. And *balooms* are gold in our house as well. Letting one go would never happen. I think we still have some around from her birthday - in October. I'm happy Lila didn't melt down. Perhaps she merely tolerated the program because she felt the choreography wasn't up to par with her expertise as a performer?

    Happy post. Love it.

  5. Oh her face. I love it. She would have been my favorite kid there.

    It'll be a cold day in hell before Athena let go of a balloon too. We totally get it.

  6. adorable post! Lila is too funny. her big personality is highly entertaining. i LOVE that she kept her balloon!

    craig's hair comment was also one of the best parts of the post.



  7. How great is this? Love the play by play. I am with Lila...why should she release that balloon? She shouldn't.

    A girl who knows what she wants. I dig that.

  8. Lila stood her ground by NOT smiling...which made me smile BIG. *SQUEEZE* Howcuteisshe?

    Also Craig's hair topic was a highlight.

    Taking photos of these occasions will be priceless later. I know I love seeing pics of us when we were little with our cousins that we are still close with as adults.

    Feliz Navidad indeed my friend.

  9. Lila is so funny!! I love the photos of her being all serious.

    The balloon release was awesome!

  10. I just read this again! Lila is so cute - the bow tie is a scream. Miss Luly is very pretty and so happy in every photo.


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