It'll be amazing...

12/06/2011 05:08:00 AM

I love to vacuum. (Instant gratification.)

It'll be a wonder if I don't ruin our Christmas tree skirt... or our vacuum. I've swept it up twice already.

Also, each year that I bring out the "B" and the donuts I smile.

This is Vivi's first Christmas.

She's legit now.

Ho, ho, ho.



  1. Don't kids make Christmas so much better? I am so excited for this year!

  2. I LOVE how kids make the holidays. That's why our trees have been up for a month already.

  3. I love all of that. Your first comment about the tree skirt made me laugh.

    I love the stocking and the ornaments. It's all good. I need to get us all some stockings a "D" ornament. Maybe that will complete my Christmas shopping. I'm so ahead this year...but broke!


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