Happy Birthday!

12/22/2011 10:14:00 AM
Trophy Life and I in May 2011.
Oh, dear friend. How I love you.

I smile when I think of the day you were born. Primarily because you and your twin were a surprise to your parents. Well, one of you was the surprise. I like to think that you were the surprise because surprises make people happy and you, dear friend, make so many people happy.

I love you and feel that you your friendship makes me a better person. I also love the way you dress. The way you travel, the fact that you have friends EVERYWHERE... well, it's just a testament to your incredible spirit.

Please come see us again. Soon. You know you're always welcome here.

I am SO glad you were born. Oh, happy birthday.




  1. Yaaaaaay! Happy birthday, lovely friend! :)

  2. Awwww, friend! Thank you for making this old lady feel so special. I love and miss you every day. I cannot wait to see and your lovely familia ASAP!! Hugs to you and thank YOU for this, seriously. Love, miss

  3. Surprise?? As in they didn't know there was 2?? Friggin awesome.

  4. yep, Nadja, that's the Truth. my mom had only been seeing her general doc in 1978, not an OBGYN (she was gettin' around to that after Christmas) and they had only ever heard one heartbeat...then she went into labor, they found 2 of us, quick c-section and 2, 2-lb. babies in incubators later...we made quite the entrance!!


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