Another post about Lila. This one with severe bruising.

12/20/2011 10:40:00 PM
So I'm at work today and I get a text message from our nanny. (We text throughout the day.)

For some reason, the beginning part was cut off by Telcel and whatever she typed didn't come through.
"[receiving text]  no le sale sangre ella no llora esta tranquila. Perdon. :("
Loose translation:
"...there was no blood and she didn't cry and she's calm. Pardon. Frown face."
[heart falls out of chest]




So I immediately get on the horn (my cell phone, for those of you born in the 80's) and ask if she could please clarify. Still that wasn't good enough and I drove home in 32 seconds to survey the damage and to hear from Lila first-hand:

Pointing at the door jam while showing me the scene of the accident she said, "Lila hurt head. Hit door. Ow. Boom."

(That pretty accurately sums it up.) 

As it turns out, Lila SMOKED the wall. She was running to the bathroom and hit her FACE on the door frame. Our wonderful nanny apologized PROFUSELY (not her fault) and I accepted her apology and told her not to worry, Lila's a kid, these things happen. (In all honesty I wanted to scream and explain to her that her job is to be stuck like glue to my child ALL DAY LONG and that accidents should not ever happen. Unreasonable? Sure. My protective-Momma-feelings? Absolutely. What? Did you just say that this is not the last time something like this will happen? I didn't hear you.)

Hello goose egg.


Of course I watched anxiously for three hours after she hit the wall to confirm that she wasn't concussed. And, I'm happy to report she ate just fine, did not have dilated eyeballs, wasn't nauseous or vomiting and wasn't sleepy.

As it turns out, this was a [major] boo-boo... and she's ok.

I think I'm glad we celebrated Christmas LAST Saturday. That shiner ain't going to look so great in the 'ole Christmas pics.



  1. HOLEEE CRAP! Poor Lila! Christmas Goose egg for her. Awwww.

    Here's to a speedy recovery.

  2. OMG! I am slightly embarrassed to say I did laugh out a little at this post. Not AT Lila but the whole scenario! I feel for you and it DOES look terrible, but just a couple days before Anna's first X-mas with the whole Craig Fam, She rolled/dove off my bed and had a huge bump/carpet rash on her forhead... for all her pics that xmas was evidence of my "incompetent mothering" In retrospect... she did not care and now I can laugh about it! Good luck Lila! Grant would say you look tough!

  3. Poor baby- hope it goes away soon. One of my favorite pics from my childhood is with a black eye, so this may end up being a good thing. :-) And I know what you mean about the tug & pull of wanting to be cool about things and also wondering what the he** is going on. Jack chipped 1/4 of a front tooth off at school and I felt the exact same way!

  4. Poor Lila. I am glad she is okay. That is so scary. She handled it well, it seems.

    I am also ashamed to say I giggled (okay, laughed) at this post. Not because Lila was hurt :(, but because of the dramatic close-up photos (close, closer, CLOSEST). It's so from a mom's point of view.


  5. Poor Lila. But seriously? She's an adorable little bruiser. ;) so glad she's ok!


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