...and so this was Christmas.

The cookies were rolled out, cut out and "painted" by Lila on the Eve.

 Then they were carefully selected (just stars) by Lila for the big man.

The unenthusiastic elf posed near the gifts.

Lila's only Santa request was fulfilled.

"Lila, what would you like for Santa to bring you?"


Easy-peasy, little lady.

(We like to wrap everything. Makes it seem like there are a lot more gifts.)

P.S. I will forever put colored lights on my Christmas tree. Why was I using white lights for all of those years?!

Simultaneous to the gifts appearing, Jesus was born.

On the dining room table...

Happy birthday, sweet baby.

Then Lila woke up around 6 a.m. She let us know that Santa came.

Oh, the bah-looms. They made her so happy.

And Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk.

And Vivienne celebrated her first Christmas...

And the presents were opened.

...and the presents were hugged.

Believe it or not, below is a look of excitement.

Pure. Lila.

And they played.

And here's Vivi sharing her play-cookies with her Daddy.

And there you have it.

The requisite 1st Christmas, in pajamas, standing-by-the-tree photos.

Lila (and her bruise) were very happy.


Since Christmas, Lila has put approximately 45 miles on her new stroller from her Mimi.

She's so busy she can't even stop strolling and look at the camera.

And Vivienne?

Well, she's been making music. In her own way.

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright.




  1. omg - adorable. can we talk about that vacuum cleaner? get to work, Lila!!

  2. I loved every little piece of this! So, so happy your first Christmas as a whole family was so special. :) love you guys!

  3. Those toy strollers are awesome! My kids put on 200 miles with theirs. I LOVE your colorful tree. And oh my goodness are you pretty. I love your hairs! ;-p

  4. Oh my. This was great.

    I LOVE that Santa got carrots. Mental note made for next year.

    And Vivi? Oh Ky, she's just growing up too fast. She is looking less and less baby and more and more like a little girl.

    What a beautiful family you are. . . in so many ways.

    Love you all!


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