Why I love my Mom.

11/23/2011 05:09:00 AM

My Mom lives in the woods. Up until approximately 2009 she was still using dial-up because DSL/cable wasn't yet available. And let's be honest, she wasn't ready for it.

That said, technology and my Mom go together like onions and peanut butter. Exactly.

Before I go any further I must say that my Mom is INCREDIBLE. She's funny, innovative and awesome. She tries new things and usually is good at all of them. (Anyone still using my Mom's homemade soap? I still love it.) AND, she's amazing at things that I could never do: she can cook ANYTHING from scratch sans a recipe, she can paint, sand or stain anything, she can find a solution for ANYTHING and she can make a game for kids out of anything. She's incredible.

That said, last Christmas my Mom got a kindle. Since she doesn't have wireless, it means that putting books on to her kindle can be tricky since I, her tech support, live in Mexico and she lives in Missouri.

Usually what I do is load her up with books whenever I see her. So, last July I did so. Fast forward to now: it's been a few months and Shirl needed new books.

So she calls me after the girls to bed.

Here's part of our conversation:

Me: Plug the kindle into your computer.

Her: Ok.

5 minutes later

Me: Mom, what are you doing?

Her: I can't plug it in.

Me: What do you mean you can't plug it in?

Her: I don't know. I could plug it in yesterday.

Me: If you could plug it in yesterday, YOU CAN PLUG IT IN TODAY.

Her: silence

Me: Mom?

Her: I don't know... something's different.


No kidding, this was even BEFORE we started with the actual downloading of the kindle books.

While I will not bore entertain you with the details of the conversation, I will say that my favorite part was this:

After we tried to download the books to her PC, (I've been a mac user since 2003 and have since forgotten how PCs work so I'm virtually no help), she couldn't find them.

Me: Mom, where did you save the file?

Her: I don't know.

Me: Ok then. Mom, I'm going to email you the file as an attachment then you can open it or save it like you would any download. THEN we'll copy and paste it into your kindle folder.

Her: Ok.

[I send her the email with the attachment.]

Me: Ok mom, did you get the email?

Her: No. Wait a minute. Let me click refresh. No nothing.

Still nothing.

Let me sign out of my email since I haven't gotten it yet.

Me: Why are you signing out of your email?

Her: Because maybe my refresh is broken or something.

Me. No, Mom. Your refresh is not broken.

Her: Ok, I got your email.

Me: Ok, Mom. Now open the attachment and just REMEMBER where you save it.

Her: Ok.

Me: Ok, do you know where it is?

Her: [pause] No. I don't know where it went.

Me: What do you mean you don't know where it went? Where do all of your downloads go?

Her: I don't know! I can never find any of them!


I LOVE this woman.

LOVE her.


And for the record, we did get a book onto her kindle... 40 minutes later.



  1. Thanks for making me smile this morning. :)

  2. I'm laughing out loud. Is it strange to say I love your Mom, too? She sounds a lot like my Dad.

    Gotta love 'em. :)

  3. How do you not love Shirl? :) This is adorable.

    Please tell her that she is still LIGHT years ahead of my mom, who does not even turn ON a computer, let alone use one. My dad once tried to talk her through checking his stock portfolio while he was out of town. His instructions: "Use the mouse and click the button on the screen."

    I walked into the room to see her banging the mouse AGAINST the computer screen, unable to figure out why this technique wasn't working.

  4. Oh Kylee...I had to get the tissues out for this one!!! Laughed till I cried...thanks I needed that...and please tell your Mom that I love her too!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!

  5. kylee - two things:
    a) hook her up with Linda - she's a pro at the kindle after many similar conversations with Lynsey and I

    b) Aunt Shirely is quite the internet savant when it comes to online games (ahem farmville, and i see she's dabbling in the new castleville), so she gets some major props for that (at least from me and from my employer ;)

  6. My mom came over to watch my tv because I was out of town and her tv was "broken." My remote "wasn't working" so she called me and I tried to tell her where the power on button was on the tv (over the phone). She could NOT find it. UGH :) She never did find it. I am not sure if her tv was really broken, but she bought a new one. And my remote works fine.


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