Vivienne Viernes: 9 months

Ah, my sweet baby is getting so big. It's with a bit of trepidation that we will soon be entering into double-month-digits. In just 6 days she'll be 10-months-old. Ugh.

Q. How is Vivienne?
A. Great. She's super cute (as you can plainly see.)

Q. What is she up to these days?
A. Crawling after Lila, eating cheerios, dancing and ultimately getting into everything. But seriously her favorite thing: Lila.

Q. What does she not like?
A. Getting her diaper changed, having anything taken away from her, the baby gate and papaya.

Q. How big is she?
A. She is 18 lbs. of cuteness.

Q. Is she walking yet?
A. Nope, but she's cruising. And crawling with things in her mouth. (And again, see? She's getting into plenty of things.)

Q. What is Vivi's personality like?
A. Sweetness. She smiles all.of.the.time and loves to be cuddled. When I come from home work at lunch time and after the end of the day, I hold her, and she puts her cheek to mine and I always sigh... and so does she. (Pardon me. I'm sweaty. It's hot here. And no I don't have a tan. I shun the sun. Which is ironic, since I chose the sunniest place on earth to be my home. I do, however, look tan compared to Vivi Kate.)

It's pretty amazing. Craig says she only does the sighing-thing with me, and well... you know that makes me feel good.

Q. How is Vivi's relationship with Lila?
A. They're best friends. They love to play together... they must be touching one another... they're semi antagonistic with one another... but... they're total amigas.

I love this face.

And it's true, you should always get all of your oatmeal out of your bowl with your hands, of course.

Vivienne loves her bath chair. It's pretty much her lounge chair.

And this is why living at our house is so exciting. :)

Cuteness. Look at that face looking up at her big sister. (Note: Lila is wearing Vivi's PJ's.)

Have a good weekend, ya'll.



Enjoy some videos of the little ladies here on my youtube channel:

Vivi cruising

The ladies eating

And my favorite... Vivi in the bath chair. In the bedroom.

Vivienne laughing



  1. Ah, the sister pictures are so adorable. Love it. ...and it just gets better!

    They are both so cute.

  2. The Viv's two bottom teeth are cracking me up. and (along with standing like a champ) making me realize how old she is getting! love the sister pics.

  3. I seriously can not get over how different they look from eachother. They're as opposite as Athena and Zofia.

  4. She is getting so big! I can't believe she is almost 10 months, crazy!

    The videos are great, you can tell how much they love each other. AWESOME.

  5. Sister pics are KILLING.ME.SOFTLY. :)

    Also, your kids, man -- they bring the sassafras looks. LOVE IT.


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