A truth I had never known.

I always eat the cookie/brownie/cake batter. I'm aware of salmonella, but as a gambler, I like to think it will never ever affect me.

That said, up until a couple of days ago I had no reason to believe that a box of cake mix would actually yield two dozen cupcakes as it states on the back of the box. I thought it was a lie... a goal. (Kind of like my driver's license weight.)

At best, when I make cupcakes I get about 19.

Well, looky up there next to my short, yet able-bodied, baking assistant.

Our recipe yielded 24 cupcakes!


Well, I'll be...


So, about my assistant,  I told her, "Hey Lila... smile!"

...and that's the face I got*.

 *to be fair, she was sick with a head cold at the time.

She looks like 'Lil John though, no?

I was like, "Lila, what do you think of all those cupcakes?"

She exclaimed, "Mama, bake 'em up. It'll be crunk. UHhhhhhh*."

*Please read, "UHhhhhh" in the 'Lil John voice. If you don't know the 'Lil John voice, well, that's a shame. As you can imagine, it's pretty amazing.



  1. When you ask a toddler to smile you get the most awesome faces ever. :-)

  2. I love my little rapper.


  3. bahahahahahahaha. bahahahahaha. you win.

  4. If she's the rapper, are you the DJ?

    This is so cute.


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