Thankgiving Cabo-Style at Flora Farm

This year we tried something new. We went to Flora Farm in San Jose and enjoyed an incredible Thanksgiving meal. (I've written about the farm here. It's amazing.)

I know, I know... who wants to go out to dinner on Thanksgiving? Um, we did. And I'll tell you what, the dinner was amazing. It tasted like someone's Grandma made it. It was home. The turkey was delicious... not one not-so-great side dish. Amazing mashed potatoes. And we didn't clean up a thing!

We were all happy.

On to the pictures.

This is my sweet niece, Bella. She's 3... almost 4. (Gasp.)

This is Lila and her cousin, Brody. (Bella's brother.) He'll be 2 in January. They're six months apart. (That's my brother in the background.)

My Lila.

My family. Vivienne was sick. Lila apparently didn't feel like smiling.

Now, that's my girl.

My cute husband and beautiful sister-in-law, Bai. And cute widdle Vivi.



My niece Chloe. She is amazing with her cousins. And beautiful. And look at that BRAID she DID HERSELF.

My nephew Max. Clearly he's the better photographer. My photo of him? Blurry.

Sweet Brody. LOOK at that little man shirt.

Finally, Vivi was very pleased with dinner.

That's her pirate look. "Ayeeee".




  1. Bella is a beauty! Sounds like a fun way to spend Thanksgiving.

  2. Bella looks 6!!!

    Your family is adorable. I miss you.

  3. Your family is beautiful.

    And can I just add that you have amazing hair? You do. I love your up-do. Cute!

  4. ya'll breed well.... just sayin'

  5. are you sure this was thanksgiving, and not some kind of catalog or getty images photo shoot? 'cause i'm pretty sure i take people like you out of my photo frames before i put my wacko bunch of family in. and i mean that in the best possible way. :) y'all are looking g-o-o-d.

  6. That looks like such a fun Thanksgiving! It would be awesome to just relax and spend time with family instead of being in the kitchen ALL day like I was.

    Seriously, your entire family is gorgeous...and those kids are beyond ADORABLE! I can't believe how big they are all getting.

  7. I love all of your outfits! You all coordinate very well.

    My husband always insists on hosting Thanksgiving at our house. I don't think I'd mind so much if it weren't for the mess. I'm liking this idea of going out!


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