Showering woes.

11/22/2011 05:08:00 AM
That's me. I shower like that all the time. In my yard. With hose water.
I hate to shower. Let's be clear, I LIKE TO BE CLEAN... it's just that I hate washing my hair.

It's long.

It takes forever.

I feel strongly about conditioning and loathe that it's so time consuming.

There's a running joke in my household that I will do whatever I can to skip a shower. (I don't find it to be overwhelmingly hilarious, but Craig does.

So moving on: my showering experience? REVOLUTIONIZED this past weekend.

I try to follow a routine when I shower, but I usually fail miserably. (I forget to shave one leg more often than not. In fact, very little of my life is routined. It's problematic.)

Anywho, on hair-washing-days I get in the shower and wash my hair first so that I have plenty of time to let the conditioner soak in and do its magic on my mop.

I wash the hair.

Then, I add conditioner and proceed to massage it into ALL of my hair . (THIS is the time consuming part that I hate.) My fingers brush through the wet hair and it takes FOREVER. I hate it. And post-Vivienne the amount of hair fleeing my head has been repulsive. I've read this is normal.

So I shower and rinse my hair at the end. This is also time-consuming since I need to get all of the conditioner and knots out.

Well, yesterday? I put my conditioner on and DIDN'T stand there for 5-7 minutes brushing the conditioner through my wet hair with my fingers. I just put it on and finished my normal shower activities.

When it came to rinse out the conditioner I found that I got the SAME results as I normally would have WITHOUT doing the what I normally do.

Kids, I just shaved 5-7 minutes off of my shower routine.

This is BIG NEWS in my world.

If you read this post in its' entirety, you deserve 30,023 points.



  1. read to the end and i am glad you have revolutionized your life.... ; )
    (it's Miss, not sure why i'm not signed in at TL)

  2. ha! you know i don't wash my hair. i mean i do, but it's like... once a week at best. it's just so LONG and THICK and not at all as porno as it sounds. heh. heh. I'mma stop talking now.

  3. I never have combed the conditioner through. I just throw it on and rinse it at the end. I'm glad you finally figured this out!! tee hee

  4. I, too, hate the hassle of washing the hair. I will usually go 2-3 days, which is as long as I can go without it getting truly gnarly and greasy.

    I need to try this. I always do the comb-through-every-inch thing, too -- I have tons of hair, but it's all very fine and tangly when not properly conditioned.

    One thing that seems to make my hair WAY more manageable? Solid shampoo. I miss the suds, but my hair has MUCH less build-up.

  5. Here's my hair confession: I've been a shampoo & conditioner snob my entire life. But now that I'm not working I can't justify spending $15 on shampoo, etc., so I bought Suave Professionals. It smells hella-good, AND.... (drum roll) it's AWESOME. Really. They aren't paying me- I'm just tellin' ya. It's good stuff. And it's cheap. You could totally rock short hair, but it's so pretty long. :-) I hope you post about what you do in MX for Thanksgiving- can you find a turkey down there?

  6. @ Trophy Life/Anonymous -- thank you for your support.

    @the grumbles - awesome. Very awesome.

    @Chicago Mom - I cannot believe I was so slow to figuring this out. Actually, I can believe it.

    @Written Permission - now I NEED to know about this solid shampoo!

    @Nat - SO good to know about Suave. You know, I used to use that stuff all the time and had NO issues with it. And indeedy, I shall be writing about Thanksgiving. You can indeed get turkeys down here... though we're going "out" this year.

  7. When did we get that shower and who took that picture of you?


  8. and this is reason #476 why i have short hair. i haven't even a portion of the patience it would take to do a fraction of what you just described. :)

  9. I love this post. I have all these issues and have curly hair that gets really tangled since I cannot brush it when it is not wet. Therefore, I MUST comb through it when it has conditioner in the shower. This takes forever.

    I use expensive shampoo and find that since I only wash every 3-4 days it evens out. I love expensive shampoo and feel it makes a difference in my life.

    I lose SO MUCH hair when I wash it and, honestly, I feel it's getting thinner. It's weirding me out. No kids, no "body changes."

    I did just have surgery and went under general anesthesia and my nurse friend told me that can be a cause of hair loss. But I'm telling you, the first time I washed my hair after the surgery, the clump in the drain was MASSIVE. Like enough for a wig. It was crazy. I was worried and took a picture.


    Anyway, hair washing is totally exhausting. Agreed. Glad to know I have fellow skippers out there.


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