11/02/2011 11:37:00 AM
So I can no longer fill my blog with random photos of my children since Halloween is over and you've seen proper Lila Lunes and Vivienne Viernes updates.

So, instead, since life is uber-crazy right now, I will write a very random post about all some of the things whizzing around in my brain right now:

  • I think the new Zoey Deschanel (sp? I have no time to check this) is contrived. However, my husband likes it. Specifically, he likes her. Which sort of makes me cock my head to the side and wonder, "Hmmm... he likes her... and she is REALLY quirky, what does that make me?"
  • Lila is talking all the time but she pronounces things her way. My current faves: "bass" for "bath", "roon" for "room" and "Dee-dee-dean-dean" for "Vivivenne."
  • I adore Vicks VapoRub and I can't find mine. This is troublesome since I can only breathe out of one nostril.
More randomness to come as the day wears on.



  1. Love random posts, though I do not understand why you can't post more pictures of your kids. They are always welcomed :)

    Terry LOVES Zoey. I mean LOOOOOOVES. (He doesn't even know why he likes her)

    Vicks is awesome.

  2. Zoey is quite the vixen. I love her too though. I love her weirdness and singing.

  3. We both adore Zooey. (Why the two Os? The world may never know.) I think she's adorable, and T heartily concurs.

    However, we both find her new show unwatchable. I blame the men on the show. One quirky woman can only get you so far.

    ("Dee-dee-dean-dean" is maybe the cutest thing I've ever heard.)


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