My current favorite things.

*Nope, I've not been compensated for any of my recommendations.

Amazon Prime Lending Library

Alright, now ya'll know that I heart amazon. I've been a prime member and a believer for years. Love me some amazon.

That said, I love me my kindle, too. Have you heard that Amazon has unveiled their "Kindle Reader Lending Library"? It's free for amazon prime users and I've checked it out and it's true! You can borrow one book at a time and download and read it immediately.

Um, awesome.

Check it out here:  Amazon Kindle Lending Library (Amazon Prime membership is $79 per year and you can share it with 4 members of your "immediate family". So, if you went in on it with 3 others, it would only cost you $20 a year!)


Burt's Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Hand Creme, Honey and Grapeseed Oil
C. bought this hand cream for me when we were in Ohio and I really, really like it. It goes on differently than most other hand creams. It almost seems wet (I know, gross, right?) but give it like 5 seconds and the "wet" turns to SMOOTH and wonderful.

The honey-smell is great, too. And it's 99% natural -- quite frankly, that's good enough for me. 

$9.99 on See here.

Camelback .75 L water bottles

AH! This water bottle has changed my life. Seriously. I love it. Durable. No weirdo taste in it. (I don't like metal waterbottles. I just don't.) BPA-free. And, it's easy to clean. Another good thing -- the bite guard thingy. can be replaced, as can the internal straw.

Why do I love this bottle? Because it encourages me to drink, drink, drink more water all day long. I've been using it daily since August.

They're about $12 - $14 each. See here.

Lila loves hers, too. (It's a .4 L / 12 oz.). It's so cute and it doesn't leak!

Cost? About $10. See here.


Garbanzo beans.

It's true. I cannot get enough of the chickpeas. They're amazing. On salads, by themselves, with cucumbers, chicken, tuna, tomatoes, other beans, feta, tofu, olive oil or avocado oil -- you name it. The combination possibilities are ENDLESS. YUM.

Good protein, kids. Eat 'em up.

Happy Monday, ya'll.



  1. Man, our lil camelback for Gooner leaks so terribly. We took it in for them to look at and they said it looked normal! Boo!

  2. Once I finish Harry Potter I'm going to borrow a book!

    {I have a bunch of books for Kindle ... I can give you some. For free. Ahem. I am kind of a book pimp. Email me if you're interested!)

  3. Those water bottles look nice. I have a metal bottle by Sigg that I love too. ;-)

  4. I'm a Prime member, Kindle user, and all around Amazon lover as well. My mom pre-ordered a Fire and I'm DYING to see it!!!

    Also, chick peas are a big deal in the Brocus household. I suggest putting them in your couscous or serving them with lamb.

  5. You don't even know how excited I was when I saw the lending library announcement! I plan to add a kindle booklight to my Christmas list and be all set for those midnight feedings :)


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