Mommy loves Eye-la...

11/10/2011 05:08:00 AM

Everything is a song these days.

It all started with the VERY catchy tune we made up when Lila was much younger and cleverly named it the "name" song.
"Lila, Lila, LIIII-LLLAAA. Lila, Lila, LIIII-LLLAAA. Lila, Lila, LIIII-LLLAAA. Yay. Yay. YAY!"
Then we started adding other names: Daddy, Diddy (Vivi), Bergie (Fergie)... Bella, Brody, Chloe, Eli, Aubrey...

Now since we've got that song covered, we've branched out:

"This is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands. This is the way we wash our hands so to get them clean."

"This is the way we dry our hands, dry our hands, dry our hands...

"This the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth...

"This is the way we wash our fruit, wash our fruit, wash our fruit...

...and the ever-popular:

"Mommy loves Lila, Mommy loves Lila, Mommy loves Lila... yes I do."

"Lila loves Vivi, Lila loves Vivi, Lila loves Vivi... yes I do."


My favorite is when Lila is laying in her bed, I'm rubbing her hand just so... and she starts singing the songs back to me:

"Lila loves mommy, Lila loves Mommy, Lila loves Mommy..."


My heart nearly stops.



P.S. May it be duly noted that my sweet Lila just started pronouncing the "L" in her name last night 11-9-11. Up until last night she was, "Eye-la". Now? She's "Lie-la".

Stop it.




  1. Sigh. So very sweet. And what a wonderful memory to record.

    Just the other day I was sitting with Charlie as he was reading and I realized how very cool it is that he is growing up. Oh, it aches, yes, but the new stages are so very fun!

    Yay for the "L"!

  2. Oh that just makes my heart feel all squeezy-like.

  3. So cute.

    Every single doll Sophia has is named "Eye-la". She also just named my car that too. ;)

  4. That's awesome. I love how things just click all of a sudden. And I love that your house is like a Broadway musical now.

    Adore that first photo!


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