Lila Lunes: 2 years.

Dear Lila,

Today's post is an apology.

It's an apology for not taking you to the doctor for the past week when apparently your eardrum was bulging. (I had no idea.)

It appears that you haven't been sleeping well and have been grumpy because you have more than a cold and a runny nose... you have your second-ever ear infection, and it's a doozie.

I don't have a ton of photos of you for this Lila Lunes either. Why? Because you've been sick off and on (mostly on) since you started pre-school and sick toddlers don't like their pictures taken.

And, as a general rule, most people don't like to look at sick toddlers. It makes them feel badly.

So, at this point you are on an antibiotic and a series of nose sprays that you HATE but suffer through so long as I reward you with M&Ms. (Oh, you'll do anything for an M&M.)

You're starting to show that you're happy again.

See? You're putting meat on your forehead.

 And you're smiling. And laughing. And hugging me.

And playing again.

Through all of this, we learned a valuable lesson: when you're a grouch, there's a reason and you need some help.

 I promise to do better next time.

Love you, sweet girl.




  1. Awe, poor baby (and poor you for dealing with it and not knowing!). Ugh...preschool germs. We are in the same boat, except I keep catching the germs too. It's awful.

    I hope she gets back to 100% soon and stays healthy for the rest of the school year (we can dream, right?).

    ...and I LOVE the little trailer behind her car. I just told my hubby they should make one of those. I had no idea it already existed.

  2. that Ferg in the back of the car pic made me LOL.

    hope Lila is on the mend and back to 100% soon!

    Love and hugs,
    Aunt Miss

  3. Poor little sweetheart! I wonder if this has anything to do with her getting up so much at night? Hope it all passes super quickly, and your family is back to normal soon!

    Does that little pink shirt happen to have a big fat Elmo face on it? That would be 1 of only 2 shirts that Joss will wear right now. The other has a monkey on it. We have epic meltdowns if one of those is not available.

  4. her top-knot hair in the swing car whatever that is. i die. she looks so... pretty. and like you. and BIG. and gah!

  5. Awww. Poor pumpkin. And poor you!! Henry has been up coughing the last 3 nights and it's killing us! I'm used to getting a good nights sleep and it's hard to revert. I hope she's feeling better soon. She sure is a beautiful little girl.

  6. This was very sweet.

    I just talked to Lila, she forgives you.

  7. It's called parenting, my dear, dear friend. No one is perfect, but for some reason, they always still love us!

  8. you are not the first to have a toddler that was suffering horrible ear infection and didn't have a clue~ I have been there several times and always feel horrible but both my kids still love me... I think! hang there! Love you all!

  9. The crying pic made me really want to cry.....until the forehead meat photo!


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