Hello Monday.

11/28/2011 05:08:00 AM
Sleep is for the weak.

The truth of the matter is that sleep, at this juncture in our lives, is elusive.

First we had Lila. Sleep? A non-issue. We got.so.much.sleep. (Comparatively.)

Then 10 months later, I found out I was pregnant again.

Then Vivienne was born.

Then we potty-trained Lila.

Then there was teething.

And various colds.

And traveling.

And more colds.

And ear infections.

And growth spurts.

Somewhere in there the sleep has stopped.

One always has an issue. One wakes up the other one. Kids are fickle. Sound machines are no match for the lungs of my girls.


I'll tell you what, we're tired.



  1. I hope it gets better soon! We feel your pain, though! Will has gotten up either once throughout the night or at 4:45-5:15am for the day for the past month or so...and ben REFUSES to sleep through the night! I think its a nursing thing and wanting some bonding time at night! thinking of you!! katie k

  2. I think the second you get pregnant you sign sleep away for the rest of your life.. :-)

  3. *HUGS*

    I really hope things get better.

    Though it has not been NEARLY as long as you, I miss sleep too. Sleeping the last few months of pregnancy didn't happen. And now, even though Henry sleeps through the night he doesn't go to bed till late and then for some stupid reason I can't stay asleep all night and am always waking up.


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