Flashback Fotos.

11/30/2011 05:08:00 AM

That's me.

It was the summer of 1983.

I had just turned four...
...had some sweet wheels...
...a great haircut...
...a GOLD necklace...
...a PINK basket on my pink tricycle which was artfully parked in the ground cover of the backyard for these glamor shots...

I'd say I was pretty much livin' the dream.



  1. LOVE!

    I think I had the exact same haircut! Oh and shirt and shorts...ahhhh, to be young in the 80's :)

    This is awesome, I need to do this!

    (You still have the same smile)

  2. I had a similar haircut back in the 70's. The Dorothy Hamill. You rocked it!!

  3. I absolutely used to have this haircut. Although I think it was slightly more Dorothy Hamill-ish. :)

    That smile is SO KYLEE. Love it. (I also see some Vivi in there!)

    And your pink tricycle is the shiz.

  4. YOU ARE SO CUTE! I can't even stand it. These are a tesoro. Love them.

  5. It's true, you've got YOU written all over your face! Precious.

    Pretty sure we all had this haircut. It was "the Rachel" of the 80s.

    More, please!

  6. these are fantastic. so cute, so stylish, so YOU. the smiling eyes still shine just as bright! (and i see some vivi too...) :)


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