Ferg Friday (It's been a while.)

11/11/2011 05:08:00 AM
Can we talk about how cute my little dog is?

Ferg's the best.

Pre-kids, The Ferginator was my baby. She went to work with me. She went everywhere with me. Look at that face.

Now, her job is to be the girls' best friend. She takes her job seriously.

Lila loves her "Bergie."

Bergie loves her Lila.

And Ferg takes so much.

She just sits there while Vivienne "brushes" her.

I mean really?

So here's to Señorita Fergie Lupita...

The finest Havanese in all of Cabo.


1 comment:

  1. Bergie! I love it!

    Ferg, what a pooch. she is precious and perfect.

    and she smiles for the camera!

    love her



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