Eh, no thank you.

11/03/2011 09:43:00 AM
We all owe a ridiculous amount of gratitude to ABC for bringing us the irritating cornucopia of opinions that is The View...

...but it appears that we have even MORE to be thankful for these days: ABC's newest show, "The Chew"

First off, I simply cannot abide the name of this show. THE CHEW? My brain immediately flashes to the image of a braces-clad 7th grade boy clumsily eating his lunch; food spewing out of his mouth accidentally.  SICK.

I tuned into the show on accident when we were in Ohio and I was SHOCKED that it was on television. The hosts were just sitting there moaning throughout the entire show ("Oh! This is so good. MMMmmmmmm.  Yummm..." while eating their food.

It was weird. And it felt oddly inappropriate. You're just going to sit there and eat and I'm going to watch you?


My thoughts: gross.




  1. Sounds awful! I haven't even heard of it?!

  2. i agree with everything you've said, but i love clinton kelly. he cracks my s up!

  3. I was intrigued when I first saw the advertisements for this. Just last week I caught a glimpse for the first time. I agree completely. . . no thank you. It didn't hold my attention for two minutes.

  4. I agree, 100%.

    "The Chew" ... oh the name makes me gag. What "creative genius" came up with that? They should be flogged publicly.

  5. I was SO excited about this show when I first heard about it. I adore Michael Symon. But the show isn't that great.

    They all talk over each other and while I am ok with them eating on the show I think they spend too much time talking about how amazing the food is. Show me how to make it, take a bite and move on.

    You may not have seen it enough to notice this, but Mario will feed people and just has this weird vibe. It is annoying.

    I really wish Michael Symon wasn't on the show....he is too cool for a show like this.


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