Christmas card season... and a Friends and Family discount to Paper Culture

Not the card, but it was a runner-up.

I like picture-Christmas cards.
I can't help it, I just do.
Some people think they're pretentious and dumb. Not me. I love seeing how children grow. How cute pets are.
I'm nosy.
I like it.

That said, it's time to order the 2011 Christmas card and it's kind of exciting this year since the number of children in our family has doubled... to two. (Tee hee.)  And I am ordering them tomorrow from Paper Culture

And... I'm getting 30% off with a friends and family discount. Interested? Read.On.

I love this company. They are eco-friendly and plant a tree with EVERY order and they have a mailing/addressing service that just charges you the cost of the stamp. (This is perfect when you live out of the country... or if you don't have the time to stamp your own cards.) And, they have cool designs. And their paper weight/quality is fantastic.

We ordered Vivienne's birth announcements from Paper Culture... and I loved them.

 ...and I got to meet the Paper Culture peeps when I went to BlogHer and they were just as cool in person as their website may lead you to believe. (Full Disclosure: No, I'm not getting paid or compensated for this post. I just like the product.)

SO, if you're interested: get 30% off of anything in the store with this Friend & Family code: FF30HOL. It's live at 12:01 a.m. PST on Wednesday 11/30 and will be valid until Friday 12/2. You've got two days, friends.


So I spent this past weekend attempting several "photo shoots" with the ladies. It was dificil.

Is one looking at the camera? Well, that means the other one isn't.
Is one sitting still? Then that means the other one is running/crawling away.
Is one smiling? Then obviously the other one is crying.

Catch my drift?

And here are some outtakes.

Vivienne wouldn't put down the infant motrin.

Oh, I wish Lila's eyes were open.
Crying on the left. Motrin in hand on the right.
She crashed.
Is that a choke-hold or a really, really strong hug?
This is what happens when you take the motrin away.
And this is what happens when you're done with smiling for the camera.

Stay tuned to see which photo I chose for the 2011 card.

The stars aligned and God smiled upon us and BOTH ladies are LOOKING AT THE CAMERA and kind of smiling.

May the force be with you as you attempt to capture magic this Christmas season.

Best of luck.



  1. HAHA! I love the outtakes and the progression of emotions from your girls!! AWESOME.

    I love their outfits, they look super cute. Can't wait to see the card!

    (Thanks for the heads up on the 30% off!)

  2. Oh, I love your outtakes. The reality of them made me laugh. Each and every time I try to get a picture of my girls together it turns out that way. I get so frustrated, then I laugh in the end looking back at them. Love outtakes.

    ...and just imagine, I have to get 3 to cooperate shortly for our card. Well, if he ever decides to come. ;)

  3. HA! Outtakes are awesome. And thanks for the link.. I might use it. But really, do people really want a photo of my dog?

  4. i've historically been a tiny prints fan, but based on this ringing endorsement from the two pretzels blog, i'm vowing to try them on my next card order! :) can't wait to see a post of your finished card from this year!

  5. Outtakes are the greatest! I still have the Vivi one from last year on my fridge.

  6. These are hilarious! I kept all of my outtakes through the years from my attempts to get a good picture of the girls. They're so funny to look at now! One year one of my friends sent a crying picture of her kids in their card because she couldn't get a good photo and the crying one turned out to be pretty darn funny!

  7. I'm so copying this next week when I get my groove back! I will link up for sure- you are hilarious! And we totally had outtakes, too. Posting them will make me feel better about the whole experience. :-)

  8. I was really amazed at the quality of Viv's birth announcements! So well done!


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