You know this pleases me. (Another post about The Lionel.)

10/27/2011 04:08:00 AM

I have loved Lionel Richie since birth. I think it's in my DNA. And I've written more than one blog post in my time about The Lionel, as well. (See here.)

Not too long ago I was made aware by a very good friend living near Nashville, TN that Lionel was in town recording songs with a variety of country artists... like Rascal Flatts above.

It appears he's gone country.

And I'm ok with it.

Now, why are they all laying on the floor in a recording studio? I'm not sure. Lionel deserves a throne, baby.

Lionel, I'll follow you to the end. Where can I buy your CD?

And finally I have to say, can you even BELIEVE that Lionel's 62? I can't.



  1. This is so funny. This morning I saw this on the news and thought. . . I need to email Ky and she if she's heard about this.

    Duh. . . of course you have! I'm happy for you and for the rest of the world who swoon for Lionel.


  2. The first thought I had was, why are they laying on the floor? I guess that means I'm OK with Lionel going country, which is a big deal for me. As a country fan (I dare to admit), it bugs me when people try to cross over. I feel that it usually signals a failure in their regular genre. But, I'd never say that about The Lionel.

  3. I used to dance in my bedroom to "Dancing on the Ceiling." I could sing along with all of the.... what language was that? We are a Lionel generation, for sure. I do agree that the picture is WEIRD. Get some chairs at least...

  4. NO! NO DAMIT NO! I'm NOT ok with this. Lionel, you were my first concert ever. I was a wee lass at only 4 years old and loved Motown. Motown is where you belong.

    If you need me I'll be fuming in my living room.


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