Vivienne Viernes (on Saturday): Almost 9 months old!

10/22/2011 08:55:00 PM
I'm a bit behind on the 'ole Vivienne Viernes updates. Why? Well, because my computer broke.

So, here are some pics from September. More, "Ohio in October" pics are coming soon.

Q. What was new in September?
A. Standing up. Standing up all over the place and crawling ALL over. And getting into everything. And new food. And constant smiles. And overall sweetness. And flights to Ohio. And eye surgery. And well, so much.

Ultimately, though I can say this: Ohmygosh. I love this kid.

Here's Vivienne with her Daddy.

Trying Cheerio's for the first time.

Don't worry, now she's a believer.

Falling asleep in her highchair...

I LOVE eyes-closed pictures of my girls. Specifically this one.

 My sweet baby girl.

For scale-purposes. When we went to Ohio, many of my family members (and friends) were surprised at Vivienne's size. They say she looks quite large on my blog but in the real world, she's a peanut.

It's true. She's a peanut.

Happy girl.

Crawling. Pulling. She gets stuck on this chair and then just TIPS OFF OF IT on a regular basis. We have no choice but to call her a steamroller. She's exactly that.

My girls.

 Ah yes, teething biscuits are fantastic. Quite delicious.

Life isn't always easy.

I love the concentration in this shot.

Shoes. We have a LOT of shoes here. And, the ladies LOVE to play with the shoes.

You'll also note on the right that Lila is HUGGING VIVIENNE SO HARD. She does that often. We imagine she's just thinking, "BUT I LOVE HER SO MUCH."

That has to be comfortable. You know, laying on shoes.

"Who, me?"

 Sweet Vivienne waves now.

I love those shoes.

And I love those little hands nibbling that cracker.

 Fancy after-a-nap hair.

Best friends.

And my favorite picture of the month.

There will be more... but I felt as if I had to write at least SOMETHING about September before we dig into October.

Overall, I have to tell you -- I adore this kid. She's starting to be super-fun. However, she is a screamer. As in a very quiet, very quiet, then BAM! SCREAMING.

She fits right in in this house. We're all loud. (God bless Craig.)

later gators.



  1. stop it with the extreme cuteness, will ya? : ) J/K. these were adorable. i miss The Viv (and Lila and Ferg) in a BIG way. seeing these pics make me want to squeeze her.

  2. I think Miss Ella needs a chair such as your princesses do. Where did you get that?!


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