Toledo Update: Get an apple Store. And the cuteness of cousins.

As I wrote about earlier, I spilled water on my computer a couple of weeks back. I'd been using my old relic until we got to the States so that I could take it to an apple store and get it fixed.

Toledo has no apple store. (WHAT? It also take us forever to get a Chipotle, too.)

Anywho, I took it to the Mac Cafe. They were exceedingly NOT helpful. (Yep, I'll say it. I didn't want to leave my computer there. They instilled absolutely no confidence.) So, Craig, The Viv, Lila and I took an hour and 15 minute road trip up to Troy, MI just past Detroit to Somerset Mall (LOVE THAT PLACE) and went to the Apple store.

Chris, my mac genius, was amazing. Long story short, my mac is still under warranty however, water damage is not covered. (Shocker.) Still, Amazing Chris said he'd cover it. Total estimated cost for the repair: $1,240.00.


THANK YOU, Somerset Apple Store.

Best thing? I don't even have to drive an hour and a half to go pick it up, they're mailing it back to me. Suh-weet.


Well, after we returned from the mall with two children (they didn't love it as much as we did. Another shocker.) It was nap time.

Then, Lila and Vivienne's cousins Athena and Zofia came over to play. (This is Athena and Zofia's Mom's blog.)

It was a whirlwind of giggles, chasing, high pitched screams and blurs of pink.

So much fun. So sweet.

C. and Athena and Fifi's Daddy have been friends since they were teeny tiny baby-men, so it was kinda awesome to see their children, who are now cousins (long story), play together.


Lila, Zofia, Athena and Vivienne

Today? We're off to the zoo. Lila's first time ever.

She's excited to see "monkeys swimming in pools."

I don't have the heart to tell her that it just might not happen...



  1. Completely overwhelmed by the sweetness of these pictures. I might just look at them ten more times today.

    Enjoy Ohio and give Nadja and her babies a hug from us, over here in the Canadian internets. Kay?

  2. Oh! I LOVED seeing these pictures of all of them together!

  3. I love Lila's laugh in the cousin photo. What a perfect moment caught on camera.

    Thanks for bringing the warm weather from Mexico! ;)

  4. awesome, AWESOME cousin picks. :)

    i was actually in toledo today and thought of you. jane honda needed new tires and an alignment after her epic road trip from seattle. :)

    hope you're all doing well and having a fantastic trip! i'll be thinking good thoughts for vivi's surgery tomorrow...

  5. SQUEEEEEE! So adorable.

    That picture of Lila and Athena hugging? I love it.

  6. I've probably looked at these pictures 15 times. I love them.

  7. SO CUTE! Also, I LOLed at "tiny baby-men."


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