Toledo Update: ...and we're here.

It's 4:51 a.m. Toledo-time and Vivienne and I are hanging out in the living room of my brother's downtown condo (thank you, Bry!) and trying to be quiet so that Lila doesn't get up. This is next to impossible.

Let's just say that a time change from MT to EST can really throw off the sleep patterns of two little ones.

Vivienne and I made it safely to DEE-troit after an 8-hour-travel day only by the grace of God and understanding and kind people surrounding us on the planes. We got in at about 1:15 am early Sunday morning and didn't get to bed until about 3 a.m.

How was the flight? Traveling with an 8-month-old, stroller, huge bag and huge suitcase on my own?




It could have been better. And easier. And more relaxing. And altogether more enjoyable.

She screamed pretty much the entire way. (I wish I was joking. Wait until you meet her. She's a screamer.) On the second flight I nearly started screaming (and crying), too. Finally, after an hour and a half of even more screaming and me pacing by the bathrooms (yum), she fell asleep.

It was a gift from God.

I missed Craig's extra set of hands. BIG PROPS to the single, traveling parents out there.

But honestly, the amount of people who smiled, offered to open doors for me, asked to open my stroller, hold something... was huge. I counted and it as approximately 17 people. People were great. I believe approximately 3 strangers held Vivienne at some point, too. Maybe four. (Ah, it's so different with your second child...)


So in a nutshell, I wish to never travel with her again. And to ensure this, I'm calling Fed-Ex and DHL today to see who will give me better shipping rates back to Cabo.

Ok, onward to a doctor's appointment today, turning in my dead laptop to get fixed, and going to the grocery store and getting our children some long-sleeved clothing. We need to work in two naps and a drop-off to the Grandma, too.

Tomorrow? We're off to the social security office to make Vivienne legit.

Who says there's not a lot to do in Toledo?



  1. You are my hero. WOW!

    Thinking of you, Friend! Enjoy every minute of Ohio land!

  2. Welcome to T-town! At least it's supposed to be 'nice' here this week...last week was disgusting (rain and freezing all week).

    Enjoy your stay!

  3. are you implying that you are going to "ship" Vivienne back to Cabo? hehe! I know the feeling! Hope you guys get settled in a little and can enjoy some time here! Love you all!

  4. That was Mickey Craig above!!!

  5. did you get your gift card?? hope so...and hope you get a chance to use it! :)

  6. You're so close to me! Screw Toledo...INDIANAPOLIS! OR Cincy, I know people there.


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