That was fast.

10/31/2011 09:30:00 AM
Kim Kardashian's already filed for divorce?

I was flipping through the channels yesterday and almost stopped on her 15-hour E! wedding special.

Glad I didn't waste my time on that one.

And in other news...



  1. that makes me sick. just when i was starting to work up a *little* more respect for the kardashians...

  2. yeah, stupid.

    You know what else is stupid? This morning on the Today Show, they were all dressed up as peeps from the Royal Wedding. It was so dumb. I can't believe I'm wasting my time telling you about it.

  3. I heard her new hubbie couldn't stand her after a few days because she is so spoiled.

    ugh! why am I still wasting my time with this? ha ha. done!

  4. Big shocker. I watched the wedding special and they seriously have no common ground. He was too young/immature to be married and not into her lifestyle...and well, she just wanted a fairytale. I don't even understand why they got married in the first place?!?! Sad that she spent that much money on something that she more than likely knew wouldn't last when she could have donated it to those in need.

  5. We are having fun reading twitters trending #thingslongerthankimsmarriage some of them are great.

    Sham marriages like this are allowed but according s\to some it is gay marriages that are what ruining the sanctity of marriage.

  6. Chad just told me about this tonight. (Yes, I get all my pop culture news from my husband.) Goodness. . . makes me think. . . what if that money would have been applied to the national debt. Way better use, if you ask me.

    But of course. . . no one ever asks me.


  7. Oh, I responded to your email about this! But to reiterate, it is ridiculous.

    What a so many ways.

  8. When I saw it on the computer I thought I must need more coffee because I MUST be reading it wrong. I wasn't.

  9. I was having fun watching the highlights of the wedding after I heard the news. It was funnier to watch then.


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