Ohio trip.

'Twas a whirlwind trip. (I refuse to call it a vacation.) The ladies did so well being toted all over, though Vivienne made it overwhelmingly clear that she loathes her carseat.

We spent lots of time with Mimi and Papa, we went to the zoo!, Vivienne was a planned patient at Flower Hospital, we met a new baby!, we visited our first-ever American pediatrician (who was Syrian), we introduced Vivienne to our family members, we met some new family members, we celebrated birthdays, we visited old friends... it was a full time.

Here are just a FEW of my favorite pics.

Of course, as always, I didn't even think to get a family shot.

Ah well, one day.

Here are just a few pics from our time away...


Vivienne looks like a little doll.

Senior picture pose.

Where did my baby go?

Petal remains Lila's best friend.

Vivienne doesn't have a Petal, she has a glow-worm sea horse. And she LOVES it. Well, for right now.


This sums up my girls.

Complete and total opposites.


Lila loved, loved, loved the zoo.

(And I swear she has more shirts than that pink princess one below. Bottom line: she likes to wear it all the time. We have two of them.)

Riding the choo-choo at the zoo.

Oh my. It was too cute.

She was literally waving and saying hello to the animals.

It was beyond nap time.

Vivienne was in the stroller and we didn't want to risk moving her... lest she scream more.

(Are you in awe of our tans? Yes, we live in Mexico. Yes, we wear sunscreen almost constantly. Sun damage isn't reversible. Can I get an amen?)

Love that smile.

Oh, Lila. You have such style. (Same princess shirt. Again.)

C. and Lila returned from the Farmers' Market with those Brussels sprouts that were TALLER than Lila. Um. SO good. And, they were only $2.00!

 My grandma was introduced to Vivienne for the first time on this trip. :)

Happy baby.

Someone in the family loves to have her hair blow-dried, hence this ever-fashionable blow-out.

And, finally... Lila and Vivienne thought they were especially tricky by attempting to eat all of the puffs while I was in another room.

They're cohorts already.

During this visit, I really think they discovered one another. The playing together? It has commenced.

For more Ohio pics, see my flickr alum here!



  1. Oh my goodness!! LOVE the vivi blown hair pic!! So adorable! Looks like you had a nice visit. Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound! :)

  2. How great are those pics? I love the one with the girls in the stroller. And Vivi in the hat? Awesome. Lila's green shoes are GREAT. So glad you had a good trip and that you are home safely. So sad that I didn't get to see you!

  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous trip! I love all the pictures and hearing that your girls are starting to play together. It's so fun!

    (...and it sounds like you visited our Ped. *franklin park?* Love that office!)

  4. So many wonderful photos! I love the ones at the zoo. Both your girls are just beautiful. :-)

  5. So cute! And you DID get a family shot at the zoo, eh? Maybe you can zoom in and crop it. We have a hard time getting those in, too. And does she really like her hair blown dry? Jack cries if I even look at my dryer. Lucky duck, you are!

  6. Such beautiful little girls you have, Kylee! They are growing up so fast!

  7. Your girls are too precious and it looks like, even with all the running around, they still had fun!!

    Henry and I very much loved seeing you and Vivienne!

  8. I am so absolutely bummed we couldn't get together while you were here! I miss you 'n' junk!


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