My heart beat faster... and I knew.

10/25/2011 04:10:00 AM
And this is how it all began.

The summer of 1997 was incredible. It was when I met my husband.

I remember my hair. (Becaues that's the kind of stuff I remember.) It was long-ish; longer than it had ever been since I was maybe 8-years-old. Not as long as it is now, but it was wavy and heavily highlighted. And, it always smelled of onions, too. (It was a job hazard.) I was 17-years-old and was just days away from graduating from high school and 2 months away from going away to college.

He was tall and had dark, long, curly hair. Good hair. He was quiet. And sweet. And so cute. And mature. And stoic. And I liked the way he dressed. And, he was so nice. He wore wing-tip doc martens and jeans from Structure. (Who remembers that store?) And he had a pager.

My heart beat faster... and I knew.

Ah yes, pagers. They were popular shortly after carrier pigeons and before "car phones" and then "cell phones".

So, we met at my place of employment: an A&W rootbeer stand. It was the kind of place where the teenage girls have FAR too much fun during 4 or 8-hour shifts making root beer floats in frosty mugs and assembling hot dogs with cheese, sauce and onion and then carrying orders out to car windows on metal trays that we ever-so-gently balanced on partially rolled-down driver's side windows.

I had seen a picture of him before I actually met him. I actually told our mutual friend (who I worked with at my other part-time job in that summer before my first year of college), that I needed to meet that boy. So arrange it. Please?

So, our mutual friend arranged it.

My heart beat faster... and I knew.

My mutual friend brought him to meet me.

While I was at work.

While I smelled like onions.


The boy, in his soft-top jeep wrangler, drove up and parked at the root beer shop under the metal awning that looked like an accordian. I remember feeling my heart drop to my feet. I peered through the little walk-up, soft-serve icream window and thought, "Oh my. This is not good. I do not look presentable. I don't smell presentable. This is all bad."

"Go, go, go! Kylee, is that him?", my fellow-waitresses asked.

My heart beat faster... and I knew.

So, with a pencil wedged in my crazy onion hair, waitress order notepad in my hand, I walked outside to meet my future husband smelling like onions and french fry grease. I'm pretty confident I had mustard on my shirt and grease on my legs, too.


I'm certain I fumbled an awkward, "Oh hello! It's so nice to meet you,"  all the while thinking, "This guy is so cute. He will NEVER like me."

And then my friend and the cute boy ordered something because my boss had a VERY strict policy against loitering. :)

Me: "So, what can I get you?"

Him: "Um. We'll just get some rootbeer."

My heart beat faster... and I knew.

I went in to the restaurant, grabbed the frosty-mugged rootbeers, threw them on a tray with the shakiest of hands and carried the metal tray awkwardly back outside to my friend and this cute guy in a really tall jeep.

A jeep with no windows.

As it turns out, Jeep wranglers with soft-tops have no real windows per se... therefore it made it somewhat difficult to hang our standard serving tray on the windowless wrangler.

I smelled like onions. And he had no real window on his car and I'm standing there, like a dork, with a tray of two rootbeers. I had no idea what to do. This is precisely the type of scenario that most semi-awkward young people fear the most.

It's silly, but I remember what he did.

He simply grabbed the rootbeers off of the tray so I didn't have to stand there... like an idiot.

Seems simple enough. Just a thoughtful gesture. A small, yet kind and thoughtful way to step up and take care of the situation.


That's what my Craig does.

I remember thinking, "Hmm... I need to know more about him."

My heart beat faster... and I knew.

We chatted and decided to meet up later that night. With a group, of course.

Before the boy and my friend drove away from the restaurant he tipped me. I think his bill was $2.25 and he paid with a $10. (High roller.)

Him: "Keep the change." (Smooth.)

I was pretty pleased to take that $7.25 off of his hands...


My heart beat faster... and I knew.

There was something special about him from the beginning.

And if you would have told me two days after I met him that he was the man I was going to marry six years later, I wouldn't have been surprised.

We clicked from the first moment. I liked him. He liked me. We built our friendship. We laughed. We argued. We figured out who we were. We became best friends. Then we committed.


Craig is the best thing that ever happened to me. Ever.

From the minute I beheld him, my heart was irrevocably his.

Dramatic? Sure.

True? Absolutely.

My heart beat faster... and I knew.

Sweet husband of mine, you are my best friend.

You are my everything.

You are still kind and sweet and cute. And although you no longer carry a pager and I no longer smell like onions, I am so beyond thrilled for the 14 years of memories we share.

I am so thankful for the eight years that we've been an us.

My heart beat faster... and I knew.

I still always think of you whenever we're apart. You are my other half.

It's true that we've changed and we've grown. This whole marriage thing ain't always easy... but dear C., we've changed and grown together.

How cool is that?

You still make my heart beat faster... and I know that saying yes to you on this day eight years ago was the wisest decision I've ever made.

I love you, sweet man.

Happy Anniversary.


*All photos by DecisiveMoment Photojournalism.



  1. Oh, wow. Simply beautiful. The love you share is just so beautiful. I will forever remember that most stunning wedding and the two amazing souls that united. Your love was felt from across the room that day. . . and today from across the miles. This is beautiful, Ky. Congrats to you both.

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! I'm wiping tears, and I'm at my desk at work. This is so beautiful and while you know I love your writing and I adore the pictures of your beautiful girls, this is I think my favorite post you have ever written!!!! I hope y'all have a wonderful day!!!!

  3. This post is wonderful and the pictures are beautiful! I loved reading your story.

    Happy Anniversary to you both!!

  4. eyes welled up with little "happy anniversary" tears!

    you two are like peanut butter and jelly. craig and ky, ky and craig. i love you together and am so happy that Craig's high-rolling self and your onion-hair got together! and have a beautiful family.

    thank you for inspiring me. : )

  5. Dang it. I thought for sure I was going to make it through this post without tearing up.


    Happy Anniversary! And thanks for sharing your story.

  6. This is beautiful. You are a lucky woman but he is a lucky man too. I hope your heart beats faster for many many more years. Congratulations to you both. Love you.

  7. LOVE you to the moon and back!

    Happy Anniversary.


  8. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet post. I love hearing about couples who truly adore one another.

    (That photo of you laughing at your husband looks like an adult Lila)

  9. Sooo beautiful! Everything! You. Your love. Your wedding. Wow.

  10. Happy Anniversary!

    Besides the fact that this post is beautiful in itself, you two are beautiful people. Inside and out.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

    (and just for the record, so Craig doesn't feel alone, Ryan had a pager (AND a cell phone...huh? you need both?) when I first met him as well.)

  11. Super cute:)
    And incredibly romantic.

    Happy Anniversary!

  12. i cried and smiled and laughed. well written, Ky! i loved reading every word of this post.



  13. Best blog post EVER!!!

  14. Happy Anniversary to two beautiful people! And to an even more beautiful couple!

    Love you guys. Hope your day was special.

  15. I'm a date late! Happy Anniversary! Were those Craig's bowls on the tables at your reception? Um, AWESOME!! I loved looking at your pictures.

  16. Happy Anniversary to two amazing people! Amazing post...amazing photos. I made it until C's comment. Then I teared up. Ah, beautiful. Congrats and thank you for such a good example. Xoxoxoxo

  17. I'm a little late but I love this! Happy Anniversary! So pretty! The pics AND the story!


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