My feet want to get into the holiday spirit.

The entire time I was in Ohio I wore my Toms. I love them. If you don't have a pair yet, I've got to tell you: they really are that comfortable. It's kind of awesome. I only have two pairs (a pair of classics and a pair of wedges) -- but I LOVE them.

Now I'd like these, for Christmas. (See them here on the website.)

Check out the other super-cute fall-ish looks out right now here.

**Nope. Not compensated by Toms. Wish I was, though. I'd like some free shoes.



  1. I hear tell Tom's will fit Fat Foot McGee. Perhaps I need some for the ladies.

  2. oh god. i want those. i'm asking for new toms for christmas this year, i've about worn my pair out. toms 4 lyfe!!!! or you know, i just really like mine. something like that.


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