Lila Lunes: 2 and a quarter years.

10/31/2011 05:08:00 AM
Oh, Lila.

You're too much.

My Lila Ross, how could I possibly sum you up right now?

Um. FUN.

You have a wacky sense of style and currently love jumping. Off of everything.

You love school. And you certainly love cake.

... and ice cream, too. :)

You love laughing. You're talking up a storm, too. You're learning about feelings in school and on Sunday morning when we were running in the double stroller down the crazy, winding sidewalk you yelled, "Wee! Lila happy! Lila happy! Mommy, I happy!"

It made my day.

You kind of make my day all the time.

You're funny and inquisitive. You love your sister so much that it's true -- you squeeze her a bit too hard sometimes.

But you love her, and talk to her, read to her, play with her... and my favorite? Make her laugh. Your giggles combined with her giggles are nearly more than I can bear.

And you really hate going to bed. Really hate it. As in,  you get out of your bed a few times per night just to reiterate to us that you are indeed not ready to sleep. It's kind of annoying. We're ready for you to grow out of this.

You love princesses.
You love pink.
You love tutus.
You especially love princess bandaids. They're currency in our house.

It may appear that you injure yourself a lot -- what with all the bandaids you wear, but the truth is, they just mean that you did something great. "Lila, if you do ______, then you can have a princess bandaid!"

These days you love to pretend like you're sleeping. It's too much.

"Mama? I, me, Lila, go night-night, ok? Shhhh..."

Clearly you're half-sleeping here.

And you love stacking things. More specifically you love making "towers."


You continue to be a fantastic eater... after, of course, you staunchly maintain that, "NO, you do NOT WANT PEACHES."


Then two minutes later, after I've given you the peaches, you're loving them.

You usually declare that you do not want to eat something before you actually eat it.

That's fun, too.

That smile... oh, that smile.


 Glue sticks are super fun for the little lady in our house...

Dear Sweet Lila, even if you are no longer my baby... the truth is, you always will be. 

...the other truth is that I kind of like it that you're growing up.


Because you're definitely getting funnier.

 Have a great week, ya'll.



  1. I love all of your photos. They capture her personality so well...I feel like I've met her.

    And every time I read these it takes me back to Sophia a year ago. They are so similar.

  2. so cute. i gotta say, that hair piled on top of her head kinda reminds me of someone else i know and love.

    the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! : )

  3. Trophy Life stole my comment about the hair piled on the head! So, so true. :)

    Her smile is fan-frigging-tastic. Love that kid. (And I kind of love that she hugs Vivi just a liiiiittle too hard. :))

  4. That personality just oozes out of her! I love the extra cheesy smiles!

    For real. She has great hair.

  5. oh gosh. how cute is she? how can you stand it? :D

  6. i love it. and HOLY CRAP, is it just me or does she suddenly look... huge?!?! grown up!??!

  7. I am with grumbles, she looks SO grown up all of a sudden! Such a beautiful little girl. And she looks like SO much fun, which is awesome!!

    These pictures are fantastic and so is Lila!!

  8. Love the ruffle butt!

    I noticed her bandaids in a previous post, how funny! The fascination with bandaids doesn't end. My 7 year olds still think they're hot currency.


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