It's back! It's back! And other randomness.

10/12/2011 07:22:00 PM


After being shipped to apple TWO times, my sweet laptop is sitting on my lap and I think we're both happy to be together again. We're peanut butter and jelly. We're ham and burger. We're Seigfried and Roy.


Blogging can commence!


How's things?
Good. Things are good. We're still in Toledo and today was the first real "fall" day. It was overcast and grey and PERFECT and I stayed in my PJ's all day and worked and played with Vivienne.

How is my family?
Ok! Lila is adoring all of the time she's spending with her Mimi and Vivienne is just happy to be anywhere near Lila. Craig is good, too. We're all doing just fine. (We do miss our home, though.)

Here we are taking an afternoon walk in grey-skyed downtown Toledo.
I'll be writing more later.

However right now I'm watching Extreme Couponing on TLC and I'm disgusted. WHO NEEDS 260 containers of orange tic tacs?

I'm telling you, these people are SELFISH and WEIRD. They clearly were forced to wear hand-me-downs as children. They're hoarders. And really? Who needs 100+ packets of Nestle's chocolate milk mix or 100+ chips ahoy to-go-containers?



Before I go, a quick thank you...

...thank you for still reading if you're there. I needed a vacation from the 'ole blog and the 'ole computer being in the fix-it-shop made that happen. Thank you for still being here.


Stay tuned for pictures of this current trip.

Oh, P.S. Vivienne is doing great -- her eye is almost normal.



  1. extreme couponing - agreed!! ugh. such little cuties (the girls).

  2. It pleases me to no end that you are in Ohio enjoying FALL because fall is just the best. Did you go to a pumpkin patch?! I think the leaves are especially pretty this year, at least where I live - they are so vibrant. Enjoy your visit, stay sane and relax (if you're able to!) XOXO

  3. I watched that show for 4 hours one day. There were a couple people who were good, but for the most part the stuff the people got was RIDICULOUS! Just because you can own 500 toothbrushes doesn't mean you should.

    I was happy when a couple people bought tons of stuff and made care packages for the military or donated it to a church. That makes sense.

    But tic tacs....come on.

    (Glad your computer is back and having a day to stay in your PJ's ALL day is AWESOME!!)


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