Happy birthday, my sister.

10/29/2011 06:33:00 AM
Oh dear sister, I love you so much. You know this.

You also know that your birth was a turning point in my life when I was a very, very wise and boy-looking eight-year-old.

"A turning point?", you ask?


Because the birth of my baby sister meant that I had you. A sweet little blondie who grew up to be you.

I love you so much. I love hearing your perspective and I think you are who-larious. You are beautiful and intelligent. And kind. And empathetic. And thoughtful. And just altogether incredible.

But most of all? I am ASTOUNDED by the mommy that you are. Taryn, you are incredible. You inspire me.

I love you so very much -- to the moon and back, in fact.
And I am so, so very glad that you were born.

Happy birthday, baby sister.


P.S. I made you that cake. It's just that since I can't mail it you can't actually see it in real life.
Just trust me.

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