Halloween Friday

Today Lila got to wear her Halloween costume to school. Thank you, cousin Bella -- for the the loaner dress. And thank you cousin Chlo for the makeup. And thank you Aunt T. for the butterfly hair-clippies!

Lila, is a princess. :) Or a fairy. Or something. Bottom line? She's happy.

I did her eyemakeup (which she loved.) She did her cheeks. (Which she also loved.)

Sister love.

Vivienne's costume to come...

And just a few more from when I picked her up at school.



  1. the close up with the eyes looking up/sideways is TOTALLY KYLEE Junior.

    loved these pics.

  2. These pics are AWESOME!!! I love my girls.


  3. Oh.my.goodness!! Your girls are so adorable I can hardly stand it! They make me smile. :D

  4. I am DYING over the cuteness!!! Lila looks beautiful as a princess. I love her eye makeup. And V's hat?! OMG the cute!!!!

  5. LOVE these pictures!

    She is SO adorable in her costume and love the make up and hair! She does look SO happy....I think she will want to dress like that every day!

    Can't wait to see Vivi's costume!

  6. these pics were awesome. clearly lila was loving her new look... i think that's the smiliest series of photos i've seen of her in a while! and the one with her head back laughing? priceless. :)

  7. The pic with C did.me.in.

    I love that girl of yours. :)


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