Vivienne Viernes: Sweet, crawling baby girl.

Yep. She's crawling.

This child is crawling all over the house.  She's everywhere. WHERE DID MY BABY GO?

Vivienne is a ridiculous pleasure.

She smiles so much our faces hurt mirroring back the smiles.

She's also found her voice and is talking more and more... I love it.

She laughs so much now, too.


And the posing... oh my gosh, the posing. She's always laying on her side, senior-picture style, hanging out...

It kills me.

(Love that face.)

She's loving eating... specifically sweet potatoes. Green beans are merely tolerated. We've been making our own baby food again and I'll tell you what, it's just so easy. Steam, puree, freeze in cubes. Done. Thaw for eating. SO easy.

Somebody loves to play. And, she's starting to be very frustrated when someone takes the toy she's playing with away from her. (A-hem, Lila.)

(I love that nose.)

Sweet baby girl.

These two are constantly playing together. I love watching it.

Accessory by Lila.

This makes me smile. Our lives changed when Vivienne could start putting in her own pacifier.

Hence the reason why she has seven in her bed at any given time.

My sweet baby muffin pants.


I have no idea what's going on here.

However, I'm thrilled that I captured it on camera.

Yep. She's a big girl now.

My favorite for the week.

Well, I loved this one, too... :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the capture of Lila picking at V's head. E does that to S with her long hair. She gets this confused look on her face and just starts digging through her hair. So funny.

  2. I just love her - what a cute little cuddle bug. She is looking older! Stay babies, babies!

  3. So sweet! I love your pictures. Its adorable how Vivienne & Lila are together too...*sigh* Soooo looking forward to another baby!

  4. She is SUCH a beautiful baby. Love it. :)

  5. She is adorable!! Enjoy these months. As you know they grow and change too quickly. Love the photos. :-)

  6. Sigh. She is gorgeous. Those eyes are KILLER.

    Absolutely love the pic of Lila concentrating ferociously on V's head -- isn't there a method of fortune-telling that involves studying the bumps in someone's head? That's what I'm going with. :)

  7. it's going to be tough when the girls grow up and the boys are beating down the door....i suspect that this is why C is in such high-gear with his physical fitness (always planning ahead).

    love the senior pictures, love the post-pre-school head massage from Lila and love that The Viv is crawling (yikes!) and pacifying herself. she, as usual, is adorable.

  8. Yay! Crawling! That last photo is adorable.

  9. Love the sunglasses picture and the peekaboo =) So cute! My little one (11m) is crawling and standing all over the place, I can't wait for her to get her waddle on!


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