Vivienne Viernes. 7 months. Big week.

9/09/2011 04:08:00 AM

Holy Toledo, Sweet Vivienne.

You changed so much this week.
You're growing far faster than I'd prefer.

1. On Saturday I discovered that you had a tooth. Bottom left.
2. On Monday, I discovered you have two teeth. (The bottom ones.)
3. You have a little bit of the 'ole, "stranger anxiety." (You're not overwhelmingly keen on men.)
4. You chat. All the time. You're holding your own against your sister.
5. We lowered your crib because you are pulling yourself up on your bumper and the side of the crib.
6. You are pulling yourself up ALL over the place.
7. You are almost sitting up on your own from an on-your-belly or on-your-back position.

Sweet Vivienne, you are so precious. I love you, I love you, I love you.


Accessories are really important in this house.

This hat? Crocheted by Wrestling Kitties fo Lila. Vivienne has happily inherited it. :) 'Tis a legacy she's happy to be part of.

Sweet baby girl.

"What? You caught me!"

Vivienne playing with Ferg. Ferg playing with Vivienne. Happiness.

"When I'm done eating this cake topper I will check your ears with my doctor set ear-checker-thingy."

I love this picture, because this is our life. :)

Onward to next week... If Vivienne starts walking this week I'm going to lose my mind.

Enough with the growing up.


Just a cute little video of The Viv from yesterday...



  1. That face.

    I mean.

    This child is gorgeous. And so expressive, just like her big sister (and her mommy).

    I cannot stand how fast she's growing. SHE WAS JUST BORN, for the love.

  2. She is gorgeous. I LOVE that color blue on baby girls...something about it is very girly without being all pink. It's my favorite.

    I can't believe how big she's getting.

  3. She is just gorgeous and I love that bedroom picture. That's what my kids rooms look like too!

  4. Adorable photos and I absolutely adore the hat!

    It is such a bittersweet time right now... happy they are growing, but sad they are growing. And yes, it all happens so, so fast!

    At least you are doing an amazing job of chronicling all of it!

  5. She is too cute, I love the wide eyed open mouth look =)

  6. sweet little baby angel. she is precious!



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