To everything there is a season

9/06/2011 04:08:00 AM

(Ugly blackberry photo of an ugly situation.)

A while back the tree in my courtyard caught some sort of horrendous disease and nearly died.

I wanted to move. I was so sad.

(Dramatic much?)

Looking through my courtyard windows and seeing that was so beyond depressing.

I wrote about it here and here.

We had it trimmed. (More like scalped.) And we waited...

We I pulled ourselves myself together and painted the courtyard. (I didn't paint the courtyard. Someone else did.) The tree grew back. We added a vine on the right. All was well.

Things were moving along swimmingly.

Everything was growing nicely...

It was cute and green.


...and I was happy again.

Until Sunday afternoon.

My entire family (Vivienne, Lila, C. and I) was out in the courtyard for quite a while playing, planting, etc.

It had just rained for TWO days in Cabo and all of my old plants, and some new, were moved to the center of the courtyard to get a little sprinkle.

We noticed that something was a lot different about the tree... that it had shifted like a FOOT to the right. Should we cut it down? Should we try to anchor it to the wall?

This was Sunday evening. We decided we'd figure it out on Monday.

Um, our beloved tree had other plans.

About 10 minutes after we all went into the house, our approximately 18 ft. tree fell.

I feel that the tree's abrupt ending was on my behalf.

I needed something dramatic. Otherwise I fear I would have attempted to save this tree at least 10 more times.

The trunk and the roots? They were sponge.

It was like the tree was saying, "See? SEE? I was done. It's ok. You did all you could."

It was time.

(If you haven't noticed... I have a semi-unhealthy affinity for my plants and trees. That's a longer blog post, though...)

That's Ferg on-site checking things out. We couldn't find her hard hat. (You think I jest.)

So yeah. The tree's gone.

In it's wake, a complete blank canvas. As it turns out, the vine thing? Dead, too. Something is eating it and

New beginnings around here, ya'll. New beginnings.



  1. First, I love that you have such an attachment to your plants. They can be part of a family, too. I know a woman who has part of a plant that her great-great-great grandmother (who she of course never met) started more than 100 years ago. Very cool.

    Second, I'm sorry this season of the tree (and the vine) had to end. :( (So glad you guys were safely inside when it happened, though!) What are you thinking about putting in its place?

  2. I'm very sorry to hear about your tree. Attachments to plants are healty... never unhealthy :) It was gorgeous while it was blooming.

    On the up side, I'm certain you will find something equally beautiful to replace it... once the plant eating demon has been ousted! Good luck!

  3. Looks like that was a bougainvillea (I have no idea if I spelled that right), which is a vine-like plant. I wonder if the top was too heavy for the "trunk"? So sad- it was a very pretty color. Dream big- what can you put in it that will make you even happier? :-)

  4. Oh my goodness. I'm so glad no one was out there when it fell!!

    It was so beautiful with those purple flowers. I would be sad about it too.

    We have a nasty apple tree in our backyard that produces inedible apples. I think it needs to go.

  5. My husband would completely understand your attachment to your plants/trees.

    I, too, am so glad you are all okay. The pics with the bubbles and the tree are gorgeous!

  6. For goodness sake! Wow! I remember when it half died before. I'm glad it came back and bloomed again for you.

    I was surprised at the image of it toppled over - when it was on the side of your casa it didn't look that big or thick - but on the ground, it looks huge!

    Do you have plans to replace it with something else?

  7. :( goodbye little tree. so glad no one was hurt and...cheers to new beginnings! i'm glad that Ferg rules the land in the backyard and doesn't depend on the the little courtyard as much for her comings and goings.

  8. Oh no! It did give you one last beautiful bloom before it finally decided to go....glad you guys weren't out there at the time.

    Sorry your tree is gone, but have fun filling that space with new plants!

  9. Oh no, I am so sorry!!! I am sure it will look fabulous again in no time! I am amazed by your green thumb...


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