Pinterest Project Numero Uno: Cork letters

9/10/2011 01:39:00 PM
SO, this was my inspiration.

The wine cork letter instructions found here were a little smaller than I had wanted. I wanted the "B" to be about 2 ft. tall. (They advised that you buy a wooden letter cutout and glue the corks on it and I have NO idea where I would have found a wooden letter cutout here. I can easily find a margarita or a cactus, just no wooden letter cutouts. Or craft stores. Or fabric stores. Or a Target.)

So, I started layint it out with our wine corks for a few days...


I know.

'Twas a classic case of, "Well, this isn't as easy as I thought it was going to be."

The actual "B" took on a few looks.

(Why on earth couldn't our last name have started with a "T" or an "L". The roundness of the "B" almost killed me.)

I decided on an overall idea and then C. used his jig saw to cut out a "guide" for me on some sort of very-light plastic material he bought at Office Max. (He will indicate what the plastic thing was in the comments section.)

Word on the street was that the jig saw cutting of the "B" wasn't overwhelmingly enjoyable.

(Love that husband of mine.)

So, after he cut out the guide, I grabbed a glass of wine and my hot glue gun and started glueing.

This is what we ended up with.



So, I'm not overwhelming in love, but C. says it looks great.
And, since he's a glass and ceramic artist, I'll take his word on it.

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  1. I Love that! It may have been difficult, but it really looks great. How creative!

  2. My first pinterest project involved garbage. My second? Food. Noms.

    It will take weeks before I get to crafts.

    I like your BEEEEEE.

  3. Cute! I think it turned out great. How many wine corks did you end up using?

  4. Thanks, ladies!

    Iris -- it was about 200 corks. I counted 198, but I'm sure I'm wrong. Since I'm currently drinking a glass of wine. (Ha! Kidding.)

  5. I heart it... and am now adding it to my list. We have a ton of corks and this is such a great way to use them! Ummm... but we would do an "S" and my guess is that will be about as fun as a "B"

    Gotta love patient husbands :)

  6. Oooooo! I love this! (Email me about pinterest.... I've heard about it, but haven't experience it.)

    Ryan and I would like to start steaming our wine labels off (the cool looking ones) and frame them for our someday-in-a-bigger-house dining room. A monogram made out of wine cork letter would be the icing on the cake!


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