My cupeth runneth overeth...

9/22/2011 08:37:00 PM
...into my macbook pro.

So, there's no Vivienne Viernes this week... I can't quite access the photos on my computer, but I had this ONE on my blackberry.

Anywho, so what happened?

I made the fateful mistake of spilling hot tea on my laptop.
Yep. I did.

Kids, the tea was DRIPPING out of the battery signal button. (Dripping.)

So, I waited...

I dried it out. (A cool hair dryer, rice in a garbage bag and a fan were involved.)

I waited...

And 24-hours later I turned it on and... it worked!

Sadly, my glee was short-lived. Apparently she (my computer) no longer acknowledges her power source so what does that mean? It means that my sweet little, not-yet-two-year-old macbook pro is sitting... silently... waiting to go back to Ohio next week to be [cross your fingers] fixed.

Seriously, though? The timing is actually fantastic. Thank GOODNESS we're going back to the States next week and I can take the 'ole computer in.

So, here I am typing away on my relic: my five-year-old macbook pro. She's sweet. And loyal. And I'm so glad I have her. Don't get me wrong, multi-tasking isn't so easy on the 2006. She's a bit slower than my new computer, but I'm grateful that I have her.

(Yep, my computers are my friends.)

So all that said:

If you own a laptop, specifically an apple -- BUY an iSkin keyboard protector. I seriously think this SAVED my laptop. Sure, the battery thing is an issue -- but my data is there and liquid didn't seep into my computer via my keyboard.

'Twill be the best $13-$20 you can spend.

Later gators.



  1. so glad you were able to recover some things as well as have the ole back-up. i have an outside protector as well as keyboard protector. and i learned it from watching you!


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