Missoni Craze. Marketing job well done, Target.

I'm in awe of the Missoni buzz. Less the clothes, more so the marketing machine behind all of this.

The tweets! The blog posts! The status updates! It would appear that the demographic in which I fall is all but head over heels in love with Target for bringing Missoni into their lives.

This is beyond brilliant.

Go Target. A limited time offer. A limited stock of a reputable and appreciated fashion brand. Affordable prices.

Well done.

From what I'm gathering -- people have bought these items up like it's actually money for sale. Like as in, "Hey - come and buy this $500 bill for $25 because you will be able to SELL IT TO OTHER people in this crazy secondary market where you have the potential of making EVEN MORE MONEY."



Target's Missoni is like 1997's beaning babies.

Don't get me wrong...

I think that some of the Missoni stuff is great. (The swimsuit I wanted was sold out online. Sad.) But here's the deal when luxury brands go commonplace: they're not special anymore. Everyone has 'em. I'm a wee surprised that Missoni went this way.

I do my best to not look overwhelmingly manufactured and marketed to. Sure, I wear TOMS just like everybody else. But for the most part, I've got my own deal going on. I fear that the Missoni aesthetic is so easily recognizable that it's going to be commonplace in no time at all thanks to Target.

How sad.

And then when everyone wears it, well... it becomes boring.

So, this whole Missoni for Target thing?

Not so sure about it.

(Bring on the haters and egg-throwers.)



  1. I'm so 'uncool' because I don't dig it. It's too busy for me. BUT, I think it's insane how people are buying it up and it's sold out everywhere. Although, Toledo had a ton of it still yesterday evening. $20 for a pair of shoes in Toledo, $75 for the same shoes on Ebay. People are crazy.

  2. This Missoni craze has been the bane of my existence lately. All I've wanted to do is order some damned Circo fall clothes for the ladies and these lunatics crashed Target's site. It took me 8 hours total to finish this order. Luckily the ladies will be dressed and matching within a few days.

  3. I think the fact that the site crashed is crazy. And that only a few hours after the line was available at Target, nearly 23,000 pieces were already being sold on eBay.

  4. Yep, I agree it is marketing genius. It's only going to attract bigger names for them in the future and more hype each time a new one is announced! I didn't get anything because I couldn't get there at 8:00 am when everything sold out, and I'm ok with that. But it has been crazy to watch it all unfold!

  5. My opinion? It's cute, but not worth the hype. But I agree: Kudos to the marketing teams behind the giant push. It's been crazy (and often hilarious) to watch the mania unfold.

  6. You and Kelly did a post on Missoni and I have to say, overall, not super impressed. There were some tolerable pieces in the housewares, and I did like the black and white swimsuit - but other than that, I was kind of and still am, "Missoni? What? Who are they?"

  7. I totally agree with you! And you cracked me up with this line:

    "Target's Missoni is like 1997's beaning babies"

    So true!!

  8. For me, if you buy it from Target.... it's just from Target- I don't really care who designed it. I don't have the budget for designer stuff, but if I did, I wouldn't go to Target (or Tar-zhay) to buy it. Everything in Target gets put in a white plastic bag with red... targets on it, so at the end of the day, it doesn't seem all that different. I like the zig zags to a degree, but sheesh- it's just. Target.


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