Lila Lunes: Two years old.

So everyone tells me that the two's aren't terrible, it's the three's that are.


The two's in this house, with my little independent lady, are tough.
Lila's been fiercely independent since birth. "Don't hold me. Don't touch me. Get off of me. Let me be."

She's the same today. Throw in some frustrating bi-lingual communication and we all need time-outs.

I love that she's so independent and so strong willed. I am convinced these traits will serve her well in the future. It's just that today, well... it's not easy.

Lila's favorite things right now: Blue's Clues, painting, play-doh, her cousins Bella and Brody, swimming, her Daddy, her kitchen, Night, Night Little Pookie (the book), puzzles, gluesticks, necklaces, hand-me-down pajamas from her cousin which she reminds us everyday that they are, "Aubrey's" and macaroni and cheese.

Lila's least favorite things right now: Going to bed and napping, doing anything she doesn't want to do.


My favorite thing?

When something happens that pleases Lila, she announces "Lila happy. Me happy." And she pronounces, "happy" like "Hop-pee." It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

She makes me hop-pee, too.

P.S. School is going well. She seems to like it. And for those of you who asked -- yes, it is bi-lingual.

Here are some recent pics...

Someone loves play-doh.

Gluesticks are so fun.

Every kid needs a robe. (It was $7 at Mega, our local grocery store. Um, worth every penny.)

Oh, I love this kid.

Attitude. :) (When did her hair get so long?)

It rained a week or so ago. It was a BIG deal around here.

Someone is also super good at babywearing and wrinkling her nose when I ask her to smile.

Yes, she's computing while walking. BUSY girl.

Someone likes puzzles.

Lila had cheetos for the first time ever on Labor Day. Um. They were a hit.

Hugging Daddy after a bath. :)

Reading with my sweet baby.

Lila, smile?! Please!


Lila, please smile.


[and that's the face you get.]

I love these shoes.

Care to see C.'s newest project for Lila?

It's a pink lapdesk. She loves it. It is soooo cute. It's also strong enough for Lila to stand on. Trust me. She already tried it.

And, we painted recently.

Someone had a great time.

Mid-way through we added shaving cream to the paint. It was a hit.

Please notice the shaving cream/paint on her legs.

Ah, my sweet baby.

Happy week, everyone.

Happy week.




  1. Love the senior picture pose on the slide. :)

    I LOVE your little independent lady! How could she be any other way? And I love that she and her school are bi-lingual -- even if that means you can't understand her sometimes.


  2. Adorable! I love the pictures in the rain :) Funny story: My daughter used to like paydough at that age too...except she called it "body" as in, we would make a snowman and Id say, "heres the body, heres the head" and she would put them together. So when we went to the store she would always see playdough and pronounce very loudly "I wanna play body!" ...which probably didnt really sound that good to other shoppers...

  3. Lila reminds me so much of S. Little Ms. Independent. I can't believe how long her hair has gotten...and the smile face made me laugh out loud. S does the same exact thing.

  4. Such a cutie - and I see we have the same hair clippie maker - Lydia has a lot of same clippies that Lila has on in these photos! :) I smile at the Lila-not-smiling photos! :)

  5. I adore the robe. That is great! The shaving cream is an excellent idea. . . I must try.

    This little girl sounds a lot like her Mommy and that is a VERY good thing.

    Those shoes? Perfect. Toms for babies. . . love it!

  6. Wow - I think Lila and Lily would get along so well. Lily has always been the same way - independent and stubborn. She doesn't know what cuddling means and she is too busy for it anyway. We are coming up on two and it's just scary. Fortunate for everyone else, she only really likes to push my buttons... not so fortunate for me.

    We are currently doing the "I'm not even going to look at you while you have a camera in your hand" act. It's great.

    I love the lap desk! Super cute! The painting with shaving cream and glue stick is great too! I need to try those as I'm running out of activity ideas on the weekend and I just don't have the energy to go outside and run with her at almost 33 weeks. Let's be honest... that's all she really "wants" to do anyway :)

  7. Awwww! She's so cute! I love how independent she is. Keira is the same way. Maybe it's a girl thing? :-)

  8. umm, she's the cutest thing ever! that robe?!

    can't wait to see her again soon!

    and your whole fam for that matter. cannot wait.




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