Let's talk about flu shots.

9/13/2011 08:44:00 AM

I'll admit it, I'm on the fence about flu shots.

The CDC says get them as soon as they're available in your community. (They're not here yet with our pediatrician.) They're approved for babies as young as six months on. (Vivienne is seven months. I'm semi-uncomfortable with this since she's so close to the age minimum.)

We flu-shotted Lila last year (17 months old) and I do not care what anyone says: she got sick afterwards. Fever, the whole she-bang. It was awful. Could it have been bad timing? Absolutely. Does it make me think twice this year? Absolutely.

Bottom line: I want to do what is right for my children and my family. And of course I want them to be protected. Especially with Lila going to preschool and being exposed to a whole host (barf) of new germs (barf again.)

What are your experiences?

What do you do for your children?

Let's talk about this.

Do you get a flu shot for yourself?
Yes - my health/profession demands it
Yes - I like to get them
I'm on the fence

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And the next one for the parents.

Do you get a flu shot for your children?
Absolutely. YES.
Eh, I do it but I'm not thrilled about it
I'm on the fence

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And finally:

Have you (or your children) experienced a sickness post-flu shot?

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  1. I was in this boat last year. Joss was just 6 months old when we were advised to get her a flu shot (October). I was nervous. I wasn't sure if it was right or not.

    We did it.

    She was perfectly fine. Not even any extra sleepiness, I suppose we were lucky.

    (now, her MMR vaccine at 12 mo...TOTALLY different story. Worst sickness she's had in her tiny little life. NOT looking forward to the second dose)

  2. We have been on the fence about flu shots and vaccines in general. We did a gradual vaccine schedule with Lily. We put off things like Hep B and did others on a more spread out schedule. It meant more visits to the doctor/nurse for shots, but she got less at one time. (We followed the alternate schedule in The Vaccine Book.) It was a struggle and our pediatrician really wasn't on board. When flu season came up last year we debated and ultimately we caved. I even asked if thimerasol was used in the vaccine the office had available and they said yes... just a little, and I still caved. I was not happy with myself after. We were supposed to go back and get a second booster for the flu shot and we never did. Lily got sick after and I also told myself that maybe it was a coincidence. We never went back to get the second shot. Her 2 year appointment is coming up and I know they are going to want to do the vaccine. Sometimes being a parent and making the hard decisions is just.no.fun.

  3. I'm not a flu shot person for myself OR my kids. I HATE when I go to the Dr (especially when pregnant) and they act like I'm all crazy that I don't get the flu shot. Luckily, my Ped. isn't flu shot crazy for her kids either, so she doesn't judge me for not getting my kids the shot. My kids are healthy...we got sick once, very mild cold, last winter. This year, scares me with preschool AND a new baby, but I think I'm still anti-flu shot. Every single kid I know that gets the shot, STILL gets sick. Our bodies are meant to fight sickness and build immunity against them. But, I'm also pretty anti Doctor and anti medicine in general...so I'm just a weirdo 'hippie' in a way. ;)

  4. I have mixed feelings about vaccines in general, but I also do them. Flu shots, etc.- the whole 9 yards. I think this comes from being a teacher and experiencing things like having a whooping cough epidemic start at my school. I don't like the thought of my children getting sick with things that we could prevent, which is why I do them, I think.

    We did the flu shots and they didn't get sick right afterwards. But they were also super sick last winter- I'm curious to see what happens this winter since we have scaled way back on time at school since I'm a SAHM now. I feel like a huge portion of our illness problem was centered around being around so many germs.

    I do wish there were an easier way to give them the vaccines. If we can squirt one up their nose, why not all of them? The 4 year old shots are the worst- they get 4 shots total, and then they come home and pass out. When they are 4, you have to decide what's right, but I'm glad we did them all at once because it's over and done with- they have a memory when they are 4, so I didn't want to instill even more anxiety in Anna by telling her that she's going back for more.

    Good topic!

  5. I am not a flu shot person. I have always been relatively healthy as a child and an adult and really only get knocked-down can't get out of bed sick once every two or three years.

    All of that to say I am super on the fence when it comes to giving Attia a flu shot. I probably won't. But then, how many more pandemics until I cave? Swine flu? Scary. Will likely discuss with my pediatrician at our next visit and then decide.


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